Narrow down your attractiveness and select the customers you want to serve


    Edelman said, “My brother recently had a thumb surgery by a surgeon who only operates on the thumb. No hands, just thumbs! If you have a problem with your thumb, he’s the place to go.

    “I know consultants who only serve airline pilots. I know a consultant who only serves Marriott Corporation employees and his office is across from headquarters. He knows the employee benefits inside out, as well as the stock option programs and the benefits for executives. It is very successful because there are a lot of Marriott employees. «

    Although his company was very successful, like the rest of us it had to adapt to the reality of the pandemic. In financial terms, Edelman said the March market crash was «frightening» and the loss of life was terrible. Those who did well economically getting into the pandemic are better off now, but those who have had problems are even worse off today. «It’s a story of two cities,» he said.

    He added, “We had to change the way we do business. We had to work from home, we had to go online, and we had to make sure we could continue to serve our customers. Successful, large, well-established companies like ours have been able to do this fairly easily and seamlessly.

    “It presented challenges to lone practitioners who did not have the technology or foundation to deliver, and it underscores the importance of working with a large, established company that has the resources to handle this In a dynamic environment, the proven pandemic can occur at any time without warning. «

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