New cheap Russian supermarket against Aldi and Lidl


    A new cheap supermarket will open in the UK over the next few months, said to be 20-30% cheaper than Aldi and Lidl.

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    just Russian supermarket

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    Only one Russian supermarket will open stores across the UK while expanding in Europe.

    The new budget supermarket will open four stores by summer 2021, with more to open soon.

    We might think Aldi and Lidl are cheaper places to shop, but Mere can undercut their prices by 20% -30% as it follows a no-frills model.

    The discounter supermarket prides itself on having low prices every day.

    You can offer cheaper prices as there are only eight employees in each branch. In addition, suppliers deliver directly to stores, which helps bring the price down.

    Instead of storing shelves, goods will be sold directly from pallets and there will be walk-in cold rooms.

    Mere discount supermarkets do not have many different items. There are around 1,200 different products in each store.

    You will not sell items like newspapers and magazines or premium and branded items.

    Where are the new Mere stores?

    Just a supermarket

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    According to The Grocer, the following locations will have a new Mere supermarket:

    Devon, Stockport, Neath, Banbury, Selby, Bradford, Middlesbrough, Grantham, Kettering, Plymouth, Beckenham, Gloucester, Northampton, Cardiff, Oswestry, Barnsley, Sheffield, Exeter, Stretford, Southampton, southern Scotland and Wales.

    However, I’ve seen job advertisements for Preston and Caldicot looking for store managers, cashiers, loaders and cleaners.

    The branches I have found so far are:

    • Bare Supermarket, 89 Carlton St, Castleford WF10 1DX
    • Bare Supermarket, Newport Rd, Caldicot NP26 4BG
    • Mere Supermarket, 198 Miller Road, Preston, PR2 6NH

    They are also looking for landlords to come up with ideas for other business locations as these are likely to expand rapidly in the UK.

    Mere is looking for retail space of around 10,000 square meters, 30 to 40 parking spaces and a local population of 60,000 or more.

    Unfortunately, there are no plans for a Mere supermarket near me yet … how about you?

    What is just a supermarket?

    Just supermarket

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    Mere is a Russian discounter supermarket that was founded in 2009.

    By 2016, they had more than 1,000 stores in Russia.

    China and Kazakhstan got their first stores in 2017, and in 2018 the budget supermarket expanded to Eastern Europe.

    You now have bare stores in Austria, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and Italy with around 3,200 supermarkets internationally.

    Is the supermarket only online?

    The mere supermarket doesn’t sell groceries online.

    Just supermarket

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    mere supermarket

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