New Nectar Points increase when you connect your means of payment to them


    Typically, Nectar cardholders earn points which they spend at Sainsbury’s and partners like Asos, eBay and Esso. The amount you get varies – at Sainsbury’s it’s usually one point for every £ spent. Nectar Points can then be spent at Sainsbury’s, where they’re typically worth 0.5p each, or at partners like Caffe Nero where you can add value – see our Loyalty Points Guide for full details.

    Now, with the new Nectar Connect program, you can earn extra points when you spend on plastic with a number of new partners. It is open to new and existing Nectar members, but you will need an online or app-based bank account or credit card to sign up.

    This is how Nectar Connect works

    Nectar Connect uses Open Banking, which allows you to share your financial information with third parties (see our Open Banking Guide for more information). It is important to understand that when you log into Nectar Connect, Nectar has access to all of your transaction data and even some historical data. So only do this if you want to share your information. You can find more information about the shared data below. If you’d like to continue, you can sign up as follows:

    1. Connect your Nectar account to your card. First log into your Nectar account online or in the app, then click on “Nectar Connect” and choose your bank or card provider – most of the big ones take part. You can also link to a Nectar Rewards credit card, in which case you will receive the usual Nectar points to spend plus additional Nectar Connect points on top of that.
    2. Give Nectar Connect access to your data. Log into your online banking and let Nectar Connect access your data. Please note, in accordance with Open Banking regulations, you must renew this authorization every 90 days.
    3. Activate your offers. You can do this online or via the app in the Offer Hub. The offers available will vary as you will be presented with personalized offers based on your spend. Examples that we have seen are Interflora (30 points / £ 1 spent) and Costa coffee, Just EAT and Papa Johns (20 points / £ 1 spent). There are also bigger one-time bonuses – e.g. 1,400 points for signing up at Just cook and spend at least € 9.99.

      Nectar didn’t say how many offers you will see but we usually had 10-16 and you can activate them all. For each offer you can see how long it will take (currently 50 to 90 days, although that is subject to change).

    4. You will automatically collect points when paying by card – but do not use this as an excuse to spend too much money. As soon as you have activated an offer, you can start collecting points immediately – even on your phone while you wait in line. You don’t have to do anything to claim the points as your expenses are automatically tracked. However, it can take up to 25 days for points to be added to your account.

      As always, think of the extra points as a nice bonus for the expenses you planned to spend anyway, rather than a reason to spend more. To see why retailers do this, see When to Use Loyalty Programs.

    Nectar says “hundreds” of companies are participating – a full list has not been published, but in addition to the ones we saw above, we saw: Trainer, Fat face, Five types, Harvey Nichols, Hawes & Curtis, Interflora, Kate Spade, Lakeland, childlike, Matalan, Pets at home and quiz. Let us know others who you’ve seen at

    Do you regularly spend at a participating company? You could earn hundreds of extra points

    The key here is that you can only earn bonus points with a limited number of companies. If you are planning on spending money with any of them anyway, Nectar Connect could be an easy way to earn extra points. If not, it might not be worth it.

    The number of points you get with each partner varies, but if you spend, say, £ 20 on Just Eat after activating the above offer, you will get 400 points worth £ 2. You would have to spend £ 400 to earn the same amount shopping at Sainsbury’s.

    And if you regularly spend in one of the companies, it is even better. For example, if you took advantage of the Costa Coffee offer and typically bought three drinks a week there, we estimate that in a month you would earn around 650 points worth £ 3.25. Most of the Nectar Connect offers we’ve seen are individually capped, but the 6,000 point limit is a pretty high limit – you’d have to spend £ 300 on Costa Coffee within two months to hit it.

    While there is no guarantee that you will receive offers from companies where you have spent a lot, it is likely that Nectar will attempt to show you offers that you will actually take advantage of. So check your Offer Hub from time to time, see when your existing offers expire and activate any new offers that you use.

    Remember, if you participate, Nectar will have access to a bunch of your financial information

    By logging in, you give Nectar access to your bank and account details as well as detailed information on ALL your transactions, including amount, date, time and type. It is crucial that this does not only apply to transactions with Nectar partners – it includes all transactions, those made while your account was linked, and even historical transactions between six months and three years ago before you joined, depending on your card.

    Nectar only has ‘read-only’ access to your data, so it can never make changes to your bank account or make payments on your behalf. But your data is also passed on to the processing partner Cardylitics and its partner companies. If you’re not comfortable with this, don’t sign up.


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