News: Amazon’s Visa Cancellation and How to Earn £ 20 Fast


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    As many of you will have seen on the news this week, top retailers Amazon are planning to stop using UK VISA cards on their platform from January 19, 2022. However, many of us will not know how this will affect us as it goes through or how it will affect our use of the website. Here, MoneyMagpie offers some financial advice on what this means for us.

    Most importantly:

    How to make £ 20 off change

    Amazon is offering Prime customers £ 20 to switch from Visa to another payment method and £ 10 for other customers. The ban does not apply to Visa debit cards that are still accepted by Amazon.

    Why the change?

    Amazon says Visa’s fees are excessive, blocking low prices for their customers.

    Visa retaliated by saying that the fees were competitive and shouldn’t make that big a difference in prices, and that Amazon was ill-advised to narrow down the choices that way.

    What that means for you

    If you are using a UK Visa card on Amazon and from the 19th future.

    Unfortunately, this means that customers are no longer insured for larger purchases by a credit card company, which currently exists in the event of problems.

    Will the change actually happen?

    If both sides can agree before January 19, 2022 that the above measures are not required, the change will not take effect at all, but either way, Amazon customers will be watching developments with great interest as they are from Christmas and New Years benefit from the changes.


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