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    from Hope

    I should visit the office again next week. But with the advent of COVID and, to be honest, my nervousness, I have decided to forego further office visits for the time being. It just seems safer and I definitely feel most comfortable just being at home – no more dress dilemma.

    That relieves mental strain. But it also saves me about a full tank and four hours in the car. And as you know … time = money! And before anyone says anything about job security and responsibilities, my job offer says that my role is 100% independent of what COVID has done / is doing. It was never an expectation that I would actually work from the office regularly or ever.

    We sold Princess’ car last weekend. It sold for $ 2,000 and I was very open with known problems, work done, and the wreckage it had. That money is put in a savings account for another nearby car.

    Be careful

    While our little town is still largely unaffected by regulations and requirements, we are and now, I mean, I am still cautious about the pick-up or delivery of grocery deliveries. And as always, limited outdoor excursions. I have to admit that I am less careful than anywhere else, but I am careful.

    Our school district handed out computers to all students last week. There are many thoughts that they are preparing for another lockdown. They also sent out an email letting parents know where they could get free internet access if they didn’t have it at home. But we are also seeing an increase in “free Internet” offers from local providers. Do you see that in your area too?

    Side note: did I tell you that both twins had COVID a few weeks ago? History Buff tested and found positive. Sea Cadet assumed he was positive as he felt gross a few days later and treated it accordingly. Sea Cadet’s friend also tested positive, having been here for several days earlier this week.

    We did a couple of supply runs for them and they had Walmart deliveries, but they both recovered quickly. We watched Princess carefully work the two of them at the bowling alley the weekend before they got sick, but she never had any symptoms. Before she left, we stocked up on the medication she might need in case of illness, and she takes the immune-boosting vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. That was important to me as it is now in a much denser area.


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