NYC Mayor Adams weighs in for COVID booster mandates in April


    (Bloomberg) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city could expand its Covid-19 vaccine mandates to require booster vaccinations in April.

    «We’ll be doing an analysis based on the Department of Health and Mental Health around April and see if we want to hire them,» Adams said in a Monday interview on Bloomberg Television’s «Balance of Power with David Westin.»

    Currently, public sector workers must be fully vaccinated. On December 27, a vaccination mandate for workers in the private sector came into effect, under which employees must receive their second dose within 45 days, otherwise they are not allowed to go to their workplaces.

    Adams, who died on Saturday the 110th

    One in three Covid tests were positive in the past seven days, according to city data as of December 31. The surge has seen corporations and Wall Street banks like Citigroup, Bank of America Corp. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reversed course, pushing their employees back into the office and giving them the opportunity to return to work remotely.

    “This bank accountant in an office isn’t just him, it’s our financial ecosystem. He goes to the restaurant. He brings the business trips that make up 70% of our hotel occupancy. He participates in the economy, «said Adams.

    He said open offices are vital to an ecosystem that provides jobs for low-skilled and unskilled workers. “You can’t do your job remotely. I need companies that are open and up and running again. You can’t run a city like New York with a 30% occupancy rate, ”he said.

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