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    I bought a house. The first time I’ve actually bought a house. And I did it ALL ALONE !!! You have no idea how incredibly proud I am of it.

    The total loan amount is $ 98,000. My monthly payment will currently be $ 662. And it was valued at $ 130,000. I think I did well, really well. Thoughts based on these numbers? We are two weeks before closing (June 15th) and so far no buyer loyalty. I really think it was a good move.

    What i bought

    The house is a single story, all brick house from the early 1970’s. (Thought it was the 50s but has been corrected by the circuit records.) It was 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms in just over a quarter acre lot. The house has not been updated since it was built.

    The seller (my landlord for 4 years) paid for a new roof, a new blower motor for the air conditioning and new electrics. It was still a fuse box!

    Similar homes, based on the rating and Zillow searches, sell for an average of $ 115 to $ 142,000 in the area. I got it for $ 95,000 and he paid the closing costs. (I started at $ 90,000 but rose to $ 95,000 when he agreed to pay for the improvement listed above.)

    What we did

    We were busy! And I learned a lot about power tools. We tore out the kitchen completely and Gymnast BUILT new kitchen cabinets. Seriously! My 16 year old designed and built new closets. No overhead cabinets at all. And the lower cabinets are all open shelves. We then used plumbing pipes and scrap wood to build some “floating shelves” upstairs.

    Sorry for the chaos, we’re in “Home Makeover” mode

    We don’t have countertops and we save money on those after I pay off my car. So for now we just put plywood on top of the cabinets. It works out. On the other hand, we have made room for a future dishwasher, but we know it will be months. While I had extra jobs to save up for a sink, we washed all of our dishes in the bathroom sink … that was a ROYAL PAIN. But it’s worth it.

    We lived without a sink for about 3 weeks as I had extra jobs to save up for one. It has now been temporarily installed with our plywood countertop. The hole for the dishwasher remains empty until I can earn money with an “additional job”. Also something to look forward to.

    With the help of a fire brigade friend of the twins, we built a fence and an aft deck. Because wood is so expensive, we used hardware cloth (essentially larger opening wire mesh) between fence posts instead of wood.

    We had planned to build wooden railings, but with the price of wood these pre-made railings were cheaper.

    The next goal is to add a back door, but that’s another savings goal. I’ve started an ongoing list of house projects. But we try to make as much of it as possible. So far I’ve been super satisfied. And we learn A LOT !! I really enjoy this type of work.

    We have decided that the style of our house, at least the interior, will be industrial, meets rustic shabby chic farmhouse. I love it. I love to do it. My children participate in the improvements and make them ours. And I definitely love having my own home. After WAY TOO MANY moves since the children’s dad and I split up 13 years ago, this has been heaven. So grateful!

    About the House first appeared on Blogging Away Debt.


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