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    Caitlin is one of my sales trainers that I absolutely love! I recently completed their Referrals On Demand course which was fabulous for so many reasons!

    I am always happy when I find another woman who is really good at selling, which is why I had her as my favorite guest.

    How Caitlin chooses sales as a career

    After completing her master’s degree, she tried many different entrepreneurial professions, including real estate, home maintenance and art classes.

    “However, I have consistently failed to be an entrepreneur.”

    Then she decided that she could become a consultant because she now knew how to start a business.

    The fear of selling

    “I hired a business coach and he liked my job so much that he offered me to work with him on his sales team.” However, since he was afraid to be on the phone and didn’t like sales, he refused his sales trainer Nate too.

    Nate directed her to call people and see if they were interested. Then she could book a call on the calendar and Nate would close it. She thought, “I love getting to know people, hearing about their problems and connecting them to the solution. I didn’t know that was going to be sold. It was a recommendation that got me on the phone and we closed the deal through Zoom. “

    Funnel vs. phone

    Today consumers and entrepreneurs are getting smarter. You are familiar with automated emails and sales calls. So it’s best to pick up the phone and talk to your prospect.

    Caitlin saw this process in action.

    “In a recent campaign, 60% of sales came because the team picked up the phone and called. We more than doubled the performance of the implementation because we had a telephone sales team. “

    She recommends picking up the handset to make a call, as the phone is a critical component.

    Range on the four channels

    Number 1 in digital marketing that you can use to find new customers is posting on social media. Social media is a great way to start a conversation. At this point, you can add them to your email list, on a phone call, and then in the mail. Use the channels assigned to you to reach them so they can hear you in all directions.

    Remember, the hottest leads come through referrals. If you do a good job and stay in touch with people through one of your four channels, you can connect deeply with your people.

    “And the beauty of it is that even if you’re brand new, that is exactly what you need to do to get the market research, so you can come up with a compelling proposition so you can outbound marketing.”

    Change your fearful mindset

    If you want to sell with fear on your mind, you need to correct your reaction.

    “Know fear as resistance,” says Caitlin, that whenever she finds herself in a state of resistance, fear will arise. “When I know I have to make a call but wash my dishes, check my emails or correct my sales page, I meet resistance. Resistance can manifest itself as procrastination. Make sure you acknowledge your fear and then start dealing with it, ”suggests Caitlin.

    This gives you the opportunity to do bigger and better deals in your company.

    Change your mindset and transformation

    She emphasizes that you need to make room in your thought process to change the way you think.

    “When you hold a sacred space for transformation, the act of selling changes your life and you need to acknowledge this on a gut level.”

    Recharge what you’re worth

    It is important to recharge your value in order to increase your service value. If you’re undercharging and don’t know how to sell your shit in a way that people will hear, then modify your sales pitch so that your prospect can feel the value you offer.

    “They may be wonderful, but customers buy the results you can get.” And then you can link those results to a quantifiable return on investment. Even if you’re selling happiness, right. Guaranteed. We can quantify happiness. To the right. So just how do we determine the results and figure out some key metrics that you measure before they start your program and after they go through your program. So that you can tell this is the story arc.

    If people don’t close, they think it’s a funnel problem. The problem, however, is understanding the people in your market and what you are doing for them. This is where the hardest part of sales is covered, which is trust and conviction.

    Are you creating a hobby or a business?

    In order to build a business, you need to be clear about yourself. Do you want a hobby or a profitable business?

    Listen to what people are saying, then give them what they really need.

    “They may think they want sales, but they need a good mindset. But you sell them sales and then give them mindset training. “

    Caitlin suggests giving them the total package and addressing market needs.

    Open a channel for wisdom

    An open channel for your wisdom and your passion gives you the opportunity to flow into the world through your talents. To the right. “I realize that it is not me, but the great spirit that goes through me. And my job is to avoid the damned path. “

    Remember, you are the vessel for your message. You are the vessel and that is why you have to stand out there. Your gift to God is to develop your talents, to go outside, and to develop your skills to serve others.

    Giving up is part of being able to open a channel. “I only started this surrender experiment after reading The devotion experiment by Michael Singer on Spring Break. ”This book was a turning point for Caitlin as she asked God if she had to do something else and leave her current position.

    “When I came back from the spring break after a week, I had 13 sales calls on my calendar. In 30 days I had closed $ 65,000 that hadn’t been on my radar before. ”Caitlin says that every time the Creator gives up and lets go, every time she gives up and lets go, she shows up in such a big, amazing way that I stand for wonder what else I can give up

    If you’re looking to find out how the mindset of giving up can help you make more sales, take a look at Caitlin’s Go Sales Map and learn how to build and delegate your mindset by joining the Make Money Your Honey Community and start building and scale your business today!

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