Pascal’s Behavioral Finance tool is now available to all consultants


    With scientifically validated psychometric modules, InvestorEQ can generate a better customer image with eight investor profiles and a dynamic risk area, which helps financial advisors to gain deeper insights into the behavior of their customers. For their part, clients also have the opportunity to better reflect on and know their own motivations.

    “We had a well-established behavioral finance tool that we were using, but found it didn’t deliver the relationship building we wanted,” said Gerald Zengeya, business optimization strategist at Wealth Stewards, a boutique wealth management firm and winner of the Global Financial Planning Awards for Canada in 2017 and 2018. “Relationship management is at the core of our business and InvestorEQ helps our team fully understand our clients and enables us to truly demonstrate our wealth management expertise and wisdom.”

    This statement is backed up by research from Syntoniq, a world leader in behavioral science and Pascal’s partner in implementing the solution. It found that advisors using InvestorEQ saw an 85% increase in prospect conversions, a 160% increase in referral rates and a 78% increase in client engagement.

    “We are excited to work with Pascal to deliver BeSci solutions to the Canadian market,” said Brian Pasalich, Co-Founder and CEO of Syntoniq. “Your team understands that an emotional bond with the customer is at the heart of the advisor-customer relationship.”


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