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    I want to expose some of the fucking going on in online business and digital marketing about false information about how to build an online business.

    I’ve seen so many conversations with female trainers who spend a lot of time creating low-ticket offers and uploading them to websites only to barely make any money on their offers. Many of you are being sold a pipe dream of generating passive income online. This is bogus information that people are posting there, even from major players in digital marketing.

    Today we’re going to break down numbers and talk about using common sense and business strategy. You will learn how to make residual income online, what you need to start and run an online business, and what you need to scale your online business.

    I always share the good, the bad, and the ugly with you – and you love transparency. Some of the best feedback I get is from people who appreciate how open and transparent I was on this trip.

    Why transparency matters when generating passive income online

    There are important reasons for my transparency. Number one, I want you to know what you are getting into with your online business. Number two, there is so much bullshit online that scammers are out here trying to snatch your money without adequately explaining how much work it takes to set up and run an online business.

    Every week I hear conversations from countless women, business owners, especially coaches and course creators, who tell me there are tens of thousands of dollars in debt and all these damn business coaches hire and nobody taught them how to sell.

    Low ticket offers to create passive income online

    This is the worst place to start. Lousy advice is given to business owners that it is easier to sell low ticket offers when in reality it is easier to sell high ticket offers.

    The main element to making high ticket items successful is using paid marketing campaigns online that many trainers do not tell you. They don’t talk about spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising. The line they like to say is, all you have to do is output $ 20 a day on facebook ads and you will make money. The truth is, you need to spend significant marketing dollars on paid advertising to generate residual income.

    Also, other coaches never talk about having a large audience most of the time to market and sell to. If you’re already starting out with a large following, it’ll be a lot easier to make six-digit numbers in a year.

    Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Passive Income Business Online

    Let me tell you what Facebook Ads are doing with my experience of serving them. You need to start with at least a thousand dollars in a matter of days to get the data you need to optimize your ads.

    Last I spent about. $ 1,400 in a week to get the data I needed to optimize. On the other hand, when I first learned about Facebook Ads for myself, I spent $ 5 or $ 6,000 getting the data for a campaign over a couple of months. It is important to spend money on ads to optimize traffic and make sure the small ticket deals are available to the right people for profit.

    Build your passive income business carefully

    They can sell programs and classes that cost thousands of dollars. We can help you do just that in Persuade to Profit. Layer these things into your business over time to get enough cash flow to pay for the advertising.

    How to sell high ticket offers

    High ticket offers are already easier to sell as customers are dreaming of $ 5,000-10,000 worth of working in your company. When you’re selling stuff for low ticket offers, it’s usually the customers who act like problem kids. I’m just saying that a lot of you will DM me and you will say okay, well, I want to do $ 10,000 per month.

    If you want to make $ 10,000 a month, it’s much easier to sell something for $ 5,000 twice than it is to sell something to 20 people for $ 500 in the same amount of time. The number of people you convert into customers compared to the number of people you need to speak to to get those customers’ average close rates is 20-30%. So let’s say your graduation rate is 25%. Let’s keep this basically.

    Your graduation rate could be higher. When I’m on fire, I’m 80% close. So your completion rate can be a lot higher, but let’s say we’re just talking about simple numbers and your completion rate is 25%. That means if you’re selling something for $ 500 and trying to make $ 10,000 in a month, you’ll have to talk to a hundred or nearly a hundred people to get your 20 employees out of the $ 500 package.

    To be honest, nobody has time for that.

    In essence, it all boils down to one basic math problem.

    When I see customers and others complaining that your business isn’t making enough money, I usually find out that you didn’t do the math to make it work. You end up in business models that are not fruitful for what you want to achieve.

    How to create a high ticket offer

    If you need help building a high ticket offer, we can help you with that in Persuade to Profit. If you want to convince, you can learn more about it and apply. We are currently signing up for the next cohort, which starts in June.

    If this is something you wanted to do, if you want to find out how to make and market your high-ticket offering, reach out to speak to either a member of my team or me.

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