Passive Income April 2021 – dividend growth of 36.13%


    April 2021 Passive income

    April 2021 Passive income

    • 3 dividend increases
    • 3 passive sources of income
    • $ 819.93 from dividends
    • 14 stocks fell in April

    Hey hey hey!

    Eventually, we see big tech pull out and money flow into value stocks. While that’s great, it also means that it’s even harder to find deals. Fortunately, there is always something to buy. We also tend to see more and more articles about how the market is about to crash. It’s always the same story, isn’t it? If I were a pure growth investor I might be concerned as I want to sell at the top, but with dividends, cash flow and lower prices mean more drops. Attach it when it happens.

    Covid life

    We’ve basically been in a solid position since November. On and off since last April. Every time they say it’s only 3 weeks and then add another 3 weeks, etc., etc., the case numbers have barely dropped since winter. Imagine if you said in November that we wouldn’t lock you all up until early June at the earliest? Would it have been different?

    Let’s be completely honest. Nothing is now based on facts or science…. Golfing is banned, fishing is controversial, boat launches are closed, tennis is banned, schools are closed, etc., etc. They even tried to ban children from playing in playgrounds, but they took that back when people went crazy. Show us some tests that prove these excursions are spreading …

    Vaccines are on the rise, but it’s still a total mess. People who have received their first dose of Astrazeneca don’t even know what they will get for their second. There is even talk of their second dose being Pfizer or Moderna. I’m by no means a doctor, but mixing two different types of medication sounds like a bad idea to me. (Canada says it will now stop giving Astrazeneca for blood clots. Remember when they said they were good when many other countries stopped giving them for blood clots?)

    But hey here in Canada you can get your first dose of whatever is available and then you can most likely get your second in 4 months, although pfiser suggests the second dose 29 days later.

    Personally, I am waiting for the shots to be available immediately and for my 2nd dose to be received in a timely manner. Actually, I’m a little worried my wife will get her second dose of Pfiser. 4 months in between, how will she react to a higher dose?

    This is my desire of the month. Remember we only have 1 life, get out there and live it the best you can. There are so many studies out there of all the negative effects on adults and children with these bans and yet none that shows playing golf (I don’t even play) adds to the Covid case numbers.

    Life highlights of the month

    • Hit 189 pounds. I was 211 years old in early March. The diet is massive, carbohydrates are bad. I’ve heard it all before, but this time I’ve listened.
    • Have a great fish aquarium light. Blue Tooth and you can change the LED settings. But the coolest thing about it – you can set your times to run and it will start and shut down slowly. Basically there are sunsets and sunsets now. Also have cloud functions. Super realistic and I think the fish love it. =)
    • Bought a pretty cute playground for the kids. We’ve been shopping for them for a while, but they always sell out or go fast. We saw a couple on Kijii but they were pretty beaten up for the prices these days. I don’t have it yet, but it will probably be set up this weekend.
    • Went trout fishing. Trapped the brown in the picture and lost a pretty solid rainbow

    Okay, let’s get to our passive income in April 2021

    Elevates or cuts

    • pg 10% increase adds – $ 7.62
    • jnj increase 5% added – $ 8.60
    • ibm. 6% increase added – $ 1.12

    Ibm with a tiny increase but a decent quarter. I’m still waiting for the turnaround. Jnj was nice, but boy boy did PG get through? That 10% increase was enormous and it leads me to continue building this position in the future.

    Total income from dividend increases in 2021 – $ 92.38

    January 2021 Passive income

    Dividend income as of April 2021

    14 companies paid us this month.

    StocksApril 2020 incomeApril 2021 income
    Restaurant brands33.7573.98
    Couche Tard05.95
    Inter pipeline29.36 (2 drops)8.32
    Riocan30.12 (1 drop)sold
    Extendicare18.24 (3 drops)sold
    Cisco48.24 (1 drop)51.06
    Transcontinental26.10 (2 drops)27.23 (1 drop)
    TD Bank98.75 (1 drop)101.91 (1 drop)
    BNS88.2 (1 drop)91.80 (1 drop)
    Smart Center24.36 (1 drop)05/26
    Rit etf064.53 (3 drops)
    Tc energy0114.84 (1 drop)
    Bell Canada72.43 (1 drop)79.63 (1 drop)
    Telus57.09 (2 drops)79.98 (3 drops)
    Algonquin Power42.53 (2 drops)66.08 (3 drops)
    to hum602.21819.83

    14 stocks dropped in April – woot woot!

    Crossed the 800 mark for the first time! Sweet … Lots of companies are dripping this month while a few have risen in price and unfortunately haven’t dripped. I think that’s a good problem. Overall, income increased by 36.13% compared to the previous year. Fantastic stuff. These months are definitely the highest income months and will continue to grow with the most recent purchases in the future.

    If you’re interested, check out our previous dividend earnings reports.

    Our drops (dividend reinvestment program) We added $ 20.06 to our annual forward dividend this month.

    April 2021 dividends

    Different income

    Private investment payment – $ 500.00

    There’s nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month.) Steady Eddy …….

    Solar panel income

    In March (we always get paid a month later) our solar panel system generated 1,050 kWh. Since we bring in a fixed rate of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One has deposited it $ 302.40 this month to our checking account.

    The system generated $ last March200.16. A big win and shows how beautiful March was. Unfortunately, April wasn’t.

    Total income for 2021 – $ 447.55

    System installed January 2018

    Total system costs —- $ 32,396.46

    Receive total income —- $ 7,934.36


    Amount to break even – $ -24,462.1

    April 2021 cake with passive income

    Total passive income in April 2021 – $ 1,622.33

    Passive Income in April 2020 – $ 1,298.91

    Increase in total passive income compared to the previous year. – $ 323.42

    Overall, an enormous growth rate. Stick to the plan and the sum will grow.

    April 2021 passive income

    T.Total for 2021

    Total Dividends Year To Date – $ 2,696.64
    Other passive income year to date – $ 2,863.01
    Total Passive Income for 2020 – $ 5,559.65
    Year-end target – $ 17,390.71 ——–% 31.96

    A nice overall boost but still behind when we look at it monthly. We should be getting 8.3% per month and after 4 months we should be at 33.33%. Time to crack and increase income!


    April 2021 purchases

    After we missed the drip program with Smart Center it was time to get it back for 2 months. We added to this position earlier this month.

    Algonquin Power The price keeps falling and we have gladly expanded our position at these prices.

    • 61 stocks add $ 39.70 (more if you factor in the recent increase =)

    All in all, we topped up this profit in terms of time with new acquisitions last month by USD 113.71.

    Update of financial targets


    Raise the dividend this year by $ 1,680.19. (Increase our dividend income from dividends to $ 8,329.13 per year)

    • We have further expanded our dividend portfolio with new acquisitions, drops and dividend increases. The total increase so far in 2021 is $ 437.95. 26.06% of our goal.

    About $ 250 minimum monthly purchase

    • This month we added 10 more units of xaw etf.
    • Questrade * is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $ 250.00 per month would kill us if we had to pay high trading fees.
    • * Note that the Questrade link is an affiliate link and I would receive a small payment at no additional cost to you if you signed up. However, you could get $ 50 in free trade stores using my link.
    April 2021 Conclusion on passive income

    Overall, a great month. It’s fantastic to be able to set new records and just watch the compounding. New capital, dripping and increasing is a powerful trio.

    Bottom up!

    How are you doing with your passive sources of income and how are you doing with Covid where you live?

    “People become successful the moment they decide to be successful” – Harvey Mackay


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