Passive Income Report May 2021


    May 2021 Passive income

    May 2021 Passive income

    • 2 dividend increases
    • 4 passive sources of income
    • $ 314.11 in dividends
    • 5 stocks dripped in May

    Hello everybody

    It’s been a while since my last post, but life has been very busy and when I had some time to sit back at night I focused on reading Atomic Habits before the library needed it again. Such a great book.

    The market is chugging on, basically the same as it has been in recent months. The crypto noise on Twitter has gotten a lot quieter and now the cops from Amc, Gme etc are back. Quite to see the show. I don’t play this game as it doesn’t fit our dividend growth investment strategy, but I would most likely have more money if I did. Just remember, when you play it that these companies don’t have much underlying value, make sure you take some profits with you.


    This month has been kind of a roller coaster of emotions. It’s sooo nice outside so I feel good The neighbors’ pools have been opened so the good times have rolled in and the cannonballs were refreshing to say the least. Then the leaves come around and I feel like shit again … Argh! So close and yet so far, is next year the year?

    The work was very busy and once again it was very difficult to find help. We pay well too, but I think in this helicopter environment some people prefer to stay home and get those government checks.

    We see the world open up, it’s fantastic. Ontario has come up with a 3-step plan and it looks promising. But if the story is any clue, I feel like it’s just dangling from the carrot. Will we only open in autumn / winter to close again? Ford decided to keep the schools closed until next year, even though there is so much evidence that they will be opened for the welfare of the children … I voted for the guy, I’m sorry.

    We got the playground this month and 2 good neighbors came over and we blew it away in a day and a half. (Pretty good considering how bad the setup is on all of the reviews) The playground was a huge hit and well worth it.

    I completely set up the vegetable garden. This time to 100%. I’ve had a bunch of dirt and screenings etc in the middle for the past few years, but I’ve cleaned that up, put up some 4 × 4 planters, and added a trellis and more drip lines. We tried a ton of cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, herbs, some rhubarb and even strawberries. See how it goes!

    Got a season ticket for the local nature reserves and was able to enjoy the beach last weekend. This is my thrifty game. All of my neighbors spend their fortunes building pools and maintaining them. We can go there and enjoy them and if not we just shoot down the road to the beach. (Also good pike and perch fishing so the kayaks make some trips)

    This month, too, life was full of ups and downs, but things are looking up and I am grateful every day for how well we did it. Health, wealth, family and friends, what else do you need?

    All right, let’s get to our passive income in May 2021

    Increases or decreases

    • Algonquin Power adds 10% increase – $ 25.17
    • Telus with a 1.5% increase adds – $ 5.19

    It wasn’t long after Algonquin’s most recent power purchase that they announced the 10% hike. This company has treated shareholders very well and will most likely continue to do so. The share price is not bad at the moment and we will most likely add further this position this month. I didn’t even expect the Telus increase, that was nice. They used to do 2 raises a year, but only 1 last year. Maybe they’ll move back into two.

    Total income from dividend increases in 2021 – $ 122.74

    January 2021 Passive income

    May 2021 dividend income

    7 companies paid us this month.

    StocksMay 2020 incomeMay 2021 income
    Proctor & Gamble18.9820.88
    National Bank of Canada25.5625.56
    Abbvie – USD82.6091.00
    Riocan30.24 (one drop)sold
    Expand18.36 (3 drops)sold
    Intelligent Centers24.51 (one drop)32.22 (one drop)
    Rit etf064.73 (3 drops)
    General Mills – USD66.64 (one drop)71.40 (one drop)
    to hum311.53314.11

    5 stocks dropped in May – meh.

    A very low growth rate. These months don’t get a lot of love. I sold this BMO position to grow nationally but did something different instead. I plan to expand my positions at both National and Proctor & Gamble in the future. I need to increase these positions by 10%. Are you a bargain now? Definitely but not ……

    If you’re interested, check out our previous dividend reports.

    Our drops (dividend reinvestment program) added $ 6.32 to our annual forward dividends this month

    Different income

    Private investment payment – $ 500.00

    Nothing new here, just our regular monthly payment. (I don’t even have to edit this part every month) Steady Eddy …….

    Income from solar panels

    In April (we are always paid a month later) our solar system generated 889 kWh. Since we are bringing in a fixed price of 28.8 cents per kilowatt hour, Hydro One paid in $ 256.03 this month to our current account.

    Last April the system generated $328.32 A change from last month, but April brought snow and cloudy days compared to March. All good.

    Total income for 2021 – $ 703.58

    System installed in January 2018

    Total system costs ——– $ 32,396.46

    Total Income Received ——– $ 8,190.39


    Break-even amount – $ 24,206.07

    Google AdSense

    Thank you all of you, Google paid us a little bit for the ads on the site. $ 117.47

    We are definitely not going to retire early, but we are helping to cover part of the costs of running the website. thanks again

    can pie chart

    Total passive income as of May 2021 – $ 1,187.61

    Passive Income in May 2020 – $ 1,139.85

    Increase in total passive income compared to the previous year. – $ 47.76

    So many portfolio moves in these months and still moving forward. Not bad. Again, these are our worst months of the quarter and I agree. It just has to go on and grow.

    can graph residual income

    TOffers for 2021

    Total dividends year to date – $ 3,010.75
    Other residual income for the year to date – $ 3,736.51
    Total passive income for 2020 —– $ 6,747.26
    Year-end target – $ 17,390.71 ——–% 38.79

    Still below target if we look at it monthly. We should be getting 8.3% a month and after 5 months we should be at 41.5%. I think we can do it now that solar energy pays in a coin too.


    Purchases in May 2021


    Love the company. Our tech sector continues to need a boost and Microsoft was one of our lowest positions in the portfolio. This purchase fixed those two holes. You could say these tech companies are too expensive, but that’s what I thought when we started buying Microsoft when we were 200. You continue to make, and likely will continue to make, a lot of money. We bought 7 shares at $ 247.11 per share

    Xaw Etf

    9 more xaws have also been added to the portfolio.

    In total, we added $ 19.76 to this appointment income through new purchases over the past month. One of the lowest months I can remember, but to be expected when buying these types of lower yield, higher growth stocks.

    Update of financial targets


    Raise dividends this year by $ 1,680.19. (which increases our forward dividend income to $ 8,329.13 per year)

    • We have further expanded our dividend portfolio with new purchases, drips and dividend increases. The total increase so far in 2021 is $ 494.39 29.42% of our target.

    Minimum monthly purchase of $ 250

    • This month we added 9 more units of xaw etf.
    • Questrade * is great because it offers free ETF trades and cheaper stock trading options than most Canadian brokers. $ 250.00 a month would kill us if we had to pay high trading fees.
    • * Note that the Questrade link is an affiliate link and at no additional cost to you I would receive a small payment if you sign up. However, you could get $ 50 in free trades using my link.
    May 2021 Passive Income Conclusion

    Overall, a decent month. These months are not the best financially, but the snowball continues to gain momentum. However, the weather is super nice and Ford has just announced that we will move into phase 1 this Friday. Camping is trendy, great. June is going to be a great month.

    Bottom up!

    How are you doing with both your passive sources of income and life in general?

    It is what it is, trust me you get what you give – I’m way up, I feel blessed – Drake


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