Plastic-free July with SaveMoneyCutCarbon


    Plastic Free July is held every year so people from all over the world can look for ways to reduce single-use plastic.

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    SaveMoneyCutCarbon sent us a selection of sustainable and environmentally friendly products to test and see how they compare to items we normally use.

    plastic free july savemoneycutcarbon

    Even small changes to organic products do not cost that much money. It enables you to be more sustainable and lead a greener life.

    You can easily save money when shopping for eco products by joining the Home Club.

    As a member of the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Club, the prices for products are far lower than anywhere else. And if you happen to see something cheaper, they equate to the price.

    Plastic free July

    Here’s what we tested this July.

    Naughty panda

    cheeky panda kitchen towel

    Cheeky Panda has created a range of eco-friendly bamboo products that you can replace with other household items.

    You may think that using paper kitchen rolls is fine for the environment as they are often recycled, but bamboo is even better!

    They use bamboo in their products instead of trees because bamboo can grow so much faster. In fact, it can grow 3 feet in just 24 hours – 30 times faster than trees.

    Trees are renewable because new ones can be grown, but bamboo starts growing again immediately after harvest.

    We use your environmentally friendly kitchen roll. In contrast to your own supermarket, they are larger and almost like hard paper.

    They are much more stable and do not tear as easily as normal kitchen rolls, even when wet. They’re an all-round tougher kitchen towel – even my teen praised them!

    The packaging is also fully recyclable and contains no plastic.

    In addition, Cheeky Panda bamboo products are fragrance, chlorine bleach, and bisphenol A (BPA) free, making them safe for sensitive skin.

    Cheeky Panda Anti-Bac Wipes

    We also had the opportunity to try Cheeky Panda multi-purpose biodegradable cleaning wipes.

    These wipes are 100% biodegradable and are ideal for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

    We also used them on bulky touch points like door handles and light switches.

    Again, they’re made of bamboo, which in my opinion makes them more resilient than other multi-purpose towels we’ve used in the past.

    Even the packaging is 100% correct and recyclable through your household collection point or your local recycling center.

    Sustainable grilling


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