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    By Sara Jane Hess and David Grabowski

    What’s up, podcaster? It’s SJ and David again with more podcasting news and updates! This is a great way to see some of the shows we’ve unearthed and get relevant industry news. You can probably guess what the latter will be, especially after checking out Apple’s latest podcast announcement. There are much to dissect, but don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered! 😁

    And if you have no idea who we are, we are the SPI Podcasts team: Sara Jane Hess (Senior Producer) and David Grabowski (Producer). We are the two members of the SPI team devoted full day to the production of Pats shows and increasingly some brand new shows in the SPI media network!

    If you missed it, we started our first show two months ago: Flops, a podcast about failures and how to overcome them. More on that below, because to be completely honest we just couldn’t help each other.

    Here is the thin one!

    4 steadfast podcast recordings for May 2021

    Flops (SPI Media)

    It may seem a little self-confident to promote our own show in this little rundown. And it is! But we are so proud of it Flops that we do it anyway. This is the first brand new show (of many to come) on the SPI Media network. We produced it with the hosts of the show, senior content manager Karen Beattie and senior writer Ray Sylvester. Oh, and David wrote the music!

    Why make a show about failures? We have felt this way too often, the struggles that get us where we want to go are not celebrated. But they’re as part of the equation as anything else – and as any good NASA engineer knows, failure is a good thing. So we wanted to highlight the mistakes entrepreneurs made, highlight their insights, and pass the wisdom on to you, the listener.

    Oh, and stick around for an (often juicy) mini bug story from a member of Team SPI until the end of each episode!

    PS – If you want to dive a little deeper into the world Flops Be sure to read this post from Ray.

    Recommended episode: S1, E5: “The Song of Regret”

    WorkLife with Adam Grant (TED)

    Can we learn to love our rivals? Can we turn frustration into a good cause? The American author and psychologist Adam Grant certainly thinks so, or at least his guests believe it. work life explores the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to give listeners unique lessons that can bring them back to professional life. From Primate Leadership Lessons with Jane Goodall to Malcom Gladwell’s attitude to question everything, this show is full of big names and big ideas.

    Recommended episode: “Building an anti-racist job”

    The random motive (Todd Henry)

    The random motive is at the intersection of business and creativity – and as every entrepreneur knows, this is a great place. Todd Henry, author of The random motive, Die empty, and Louder than words, interviews creatives and executives. With actionable insights and world class guests, this show is a source of ideas on innovation, creative thinking, and much more.

    Recommended episode: “ALIEN Thinking (with Cyril Bouquet)”

    The next big idea (Wonderful)

    Host Rufus Griscom comes up with a brand new, groundbreaking idea every week with heavyweight thought leaders like Adam Grant (see above) and Malcom Gladwell. The next big idea covers a wide variety of topics, so we wouldn’t call it a “business podcast” per se, but there are a lot that are definitely applicable. With episodes on everything from climate change (and whether we can actually taste it) and why humor is a secret weapon, to predicting a post-COVID-19 society, we recommend a healthy search here.

    Featured episode: “BEGINNERS: The Pleasures of Being an Amateur”

    Podcasting news May 2021

    This month we have a collection of stories that we think we should look out for. We’re tired of talking about Apple and Spotify subscriptions, so you won’t find any of them here. (If you’re looking for a recap of these stories, check out Nick Quah’s excellent article on the Hot Pod.)

    The latest in the Reply All debacle

    A few months ago we wrote about billing at Reply All. The podcast was suspended indefinitely and has been quiet since February. That changed in the last days of April when Reply All has released a new episode entitled “The Test Kitchen Revisited”. In it, hosts Emmanuel Dzotsi and Alex Goldman talk about the mistakes of the Reply All Team and how they shape the future of the show. The episode left us more questions than answers, but we’re excited to see what’s next when normal release resumes on June 10th.

    More podcasts make the leap to film

    We think that’s really exciting – another great, high quality podcast is making the leap to film. It was recently announced that In, the podcast with Richard Madden (game of Thrones) and Brian Cox (Succession), was picked up by Amazon Studios. It wasn’t clear if the two would repeat their roles as twin brothers on the show, but we keep our fingers crossed for them.

    In is just the latest podcast recorded for adaptation last year. Others are Pineapple Street and Crooked Media’s spy-driven collaboration A breath of fresh air (Hulu), slate Slow burning (Epix) and The New York Times‘s Nice white parents (HBO). This is a trend that will only increase in the next few years. So expect more.

    Podcasting events will take place in person in 2021

    As infection rates decline in the US, podcasting events are returning to personal formats. In particular, the world’s largest podcast conference, Podcast Movement, will be held in Nashville in August. For those who do not want to travel, the conference also offers virtual tickets. Here are some of the other events in 2021 that date back to in-person formats:

    PodFest Expo, June 10-13

    PodcastCon, August 20-22

    FinCon, September 22nd to 25th

    That’s all for us. See you out there!

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