Portfolio cleanup – cuts and additions. 2 less stocks


Portfolio cleanup

Portfolio cleanup – cuts and additions


This month I decided to do some housework and clean up the portfolio a bit. There were certain stocks that I had had for a long time and that I always thought of, but which I did not want to throw away, but which I did not want to book. This month I decided to take the loss and just move on. It’s unhappy in the short term but I think in the long run it becomes a better move / portfolio.



In the first place is the sales list Extendicare. This was one of our original stocks from before, and just like most of them, it had to be pruned. I think I bought it because of its high monthly returns and lack of healthcare stocks in Canada. I liked the idea of ​​long term care, retired living, and home care.

Then Covid Hit…. Outbreaks in homes like hers exploded (exe did pretty well on that score though) and then it got political … Why was Extendicare receiving government funding for Covid while it continued to pay dividends to its shareholders? At the time, I was concerned about a dividend cut, but it didn’t happen. Once Covid occurs, we may look at these houses differently and question the systems in place.

I decided to take about a 20% loss (minus 4 years of dividends) and convert that money into something else.

  • Sold 488 shares of exe & lost USD 232.00 in forward dividends from this sale.

Riocan – Yeah, I did. I sold our position in Riocan. I said how much I like this company and how good the retail industry will be and how they diversify into residential real estate. I drove through the outskirts of Toronto one day last week and saw a ton of leases for both retail and office.

Covid was devastating for companies and unfortunately Trudeau screwed up our vaccinations a lot! I think we’ll be lucky in Canada if things get back to normal by the end of fall. You hear of companies that just hold on, how long can they last? I feel for her … It’s sad to say, but I think there will be a lot of bankruptcies going on.

There will be plenty of rental space and the average landlords available for office / retail may decline due to lack of demand and the increase in rental properties available. You might even wonder if fewer people will start their own business afterward. We now know that the government can just shut down the small businesses while the big businesses can take over all of the business. It is an added risk that people are likely to be thinking of moving forward.

I think Riocan is a great business and I love their recent home moves. At the same time, Ed said the dividend was safe and lowered the dividend towards the end of the year. In addition, Ed was Riocan’s CEO from the start and is now retiring in March 2021. (He will continue to be a board member.) How will Gitlin take the reins in this environment?

At the end of the day, I wanted to reduce our office / retail presence. We have both Riocan and Smart Centers, but I think the Walmart anchor is just huge! Businesses will always want to be around Walmart, they bring so much traffic. So Riocan got the cut.

We posted a 25% loss. (minus all dividends over the years)

  • Sold 267 shares of Riocan and lost $ 256.30 in dividend income

Bmo? Didn’t they just have this great earnings report? Yup! All of the Canadian banks did so, and their stocks soared, hitting a 52-week high. Sweet! sell sell sell. Nothing against bmo, but I just don’t need 4 different Canadian bank balances on my account. Both our BMO and our National Bank portfolios are small. If you know me now, it’s all about getting these drops!

I thought about selling bmo for a while, just to focus on expanding that position of the National Bank and deleting one of our banks. That was the time.

With a profit of 30% plus all the years in dividends.

  • sold 31 bmo shares for $ 135.68 in futures earnings.

Sales overview

In total, we deleted 3 positions from our portfolio and lost USD 623.98 in futures profits. Of course, I immediately used the money for us again!


Rit etf

Since both Extendicare and Riocan paid monthly, I wanted to reinvest in a monthly-paying share / etf. The sale of Riocan was a huge blow to our equestrian sector, so I wanted to invest this money in that sector. I recently started a job at RIT etf and I think this is a great place to put the capital to work. I like a Reit etf very much because it is so varied and it pays a solid return.

While they are holding some riocan, it is a minor. The top 10 positions are industrial and residential real estate. So we brought the Exe and Riocan funds here. While I sold both stocks at a loss, the loss is down 17.16% from its 52-week high, making the loss feel less drastic.

  • Bought 481 units of Rit Etf. This increases the forward dividends by $ 390.94.
Tc energy

I recently wrote a post on the top 3 stocks that I would like to include in our portfolio at current prices. Tc Energy was one of them and was on the same account as bmo. So I decided to put this money in Trp. As I said earlier, we are going to need traditional energy for a while and with a cold winter like the one we are having, that should bode well for natural gas pipelines. Plus, the 7.5% increase in the dividend last week continues to make me smile.

  • Bought 57 shares of Trp valued at approximately $ 55 and added $ 198.36 in forward earnings.
Lockheed Martin

As I said in the post above, Lockheed was my main destination for February. It was tax time and I always try to maximize these contributions before we submit them. This stock is cheap, offers great starting yield, has good dividend growth, and has over $ 100 billion worth of backlog projects.

People think Democrats will cut government spending on the military. On the contrary, I think I actually said they would be more active than Trump in the military. Here we are a little over a month after Biden took office and missiles were launched in Syria. Not to mention growing tensions around the world with China, which they accuse of genocide. They never want to see war or anything, but the country will continue to spend money on “defense”.

  • We opened a new position and bought 14 shares at around $ 338 per share. Add $ 145.60 to these term dividends.
Xaw Etf
  • We continued our monthly purchase of xaw etf 9 shares and added around $ 4.

Purchasing overview

We added 3 positions and started a new one with lmt. A total of $ 738.90 was added to these purchases


After the portfolio adjustment and all these moves, our portfolio will generate $ 114.92 more than before. I am happy to reduce our overall positions by 2 and improve the existing ones. I’ve wondered over the years if a stock in the portfolio has fallen, let’s say more than 10%. Why shouldn’t I want to increase this position? If I don’t want to add, if the numbers are in the red, why do I own this stock?

BMO and Extendicare were always on my mental block for the reasons mentioned above. Riocan was just one I questioned who wanted to cut our retail exposure and honestly enjoy the simplicity of rit etf for most of our real estate exposure.

I like the look of our portfolio now, but I still ask IBM, I am asking the question I said above. It’s my turn and still don’t want to add it. (I hope the new CEO can change things)

Who knows, things are always changing and I try to improve and expand the portfolio over time. What do you think of these steps? Have you bought anything these days? Finally a few red days again.

Bottom up!


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