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5 Budget-Friendly Deals Not To Be Missed Now!


You don’t want to miss out on these HOT offers that are available now!

5 offers for everyone on a budget!

If you are on a really tight budget or are looking for ways to have entertainment on a budget and save more money, here are five must-not-miss deals that are available now!

Note: For most of the offers listed below, you will be signed up for the automatic annual renewal at the regular price after your trial version. If you want to avoid being automatically charged after a year, just make sure to turn off auto-renewal in your account after signing in.

Free Kindle Unlimited Trial

1. Free two-month Kindle Unlimited membership – Sign up for this freebie to get access to over 700,000 eBooks and audiobooks for two months! Great way to read some eBooks without paying! This is worth $ 20!

2. Healthy U TV Premium Membership for $ 3 – Sign up for this one year membership to get unlimited on-demand access to all of their fitness classes! Choose from abdominal / core strength, cardio, HIIT, yoga, kickboxing, kettlebell, dance, barre and much more. You can work out from the comfort of your own home without paying high gym fees! This is a regular $ 69!

3. Craftsy Premium Membership for $ 2.49 – Would you like to learn a new trade? Sign up for this one-year membership to get full access to over 1500 premium online craft courses: quilting, sewing, cooking, crafting, fabric art, crocheting, baking, drawing, painting, and much more! This is regularly $ 80!

4. Premium membership for Outdoor Photography Guide for $ 3 – Always wanted to learn how to take better photos outdoors or just have fun with outdoor photography? Sign up for this one-year membership to get unlimited access to the entire library of step-by-step photography courses. They add new videos weekly!

5. Free audio books – When you sign up for this offer you will receive 3 FREE audiobooks of your choice! And it includes love-centered parenting if you’ve always wanted to read about it!

If you’re looking for ways to cut your phone bill, check out this great deal from Visible Wireless to get phone service for as little as $ 25-40 per month!

Psst! Are you looking for ways to stretch your budget and increase your income? Check out all of these Income Earning Ideas and Paid Survey Opportunities!

Do you have any other great deals like this that might help save people on a very tight budget? I would like to add to this list!

Use sesame seeds to see a doctor for $ 25 – with or without insurance


No wonder doctors get the big buck – have you seen what they charge your insurance company after a visit? $ 600 to listen to your lungs and look into your ear canal is insane.

If you have insurance, you might only pay a $ 50 copay. But if you have a high deductible or no coverage at all, you could be stuck with a reduced rate of “only” $ 400.

If you had known how much your visit would cost, you might have skipped your appointment, right? Having the choice to take care of your body and go into debt just doesn’t seem right.

The good news is you don’t have to choose. A website called Sesame makes it possible to save a lot of money when visiting the doctor. You can find a doctor online – or in your area – and know exactly how much you’re going to pay without insurance (tip: it’ll cost you a lot less).

For only $ 25, the doctor will see you now

Sesame is an online marketplace that will help you find a personal or online doctor or specialist and understand your costs in advance. Without insurance, you can Go to the doctor for only $ 25 and get medication delivered for just $ 5.

By eliminating the insurance intermediary, Sesame can help people save an average of 60% when they go to the doctor. Choosing between medical debt and your health is no longer a problem.

Do you need to see a family doctor? How about a dentist, dermatologist, or psychiatrist? Whatever type of care you need, you can find a doctor today to see you at an affordable cost.

It’s a great option for freelancers, business owners, people with high deductibles, and especially the uninsured.

Find a doctor (and know their prices) in minutes

If you need to see a doctor, sesame seeds make it easy for you to get hold of them. Follow this link to see who’s available today and how much it costs – standard appointments cost between $ 30 and $ 60.

Pick a doctor and choose a time to see them. Enter your name, phone number and credit card information to pay and book. You don’t even have to create an account and your information is protected by the most trusted third-party payment processing platform in the world.

Sesame is not insured, but you can pay for your visit to your HSA or FSA. If your insurance has off-grid benefits, you can submit your receipt for reimbursement.

So are you ready to take better care of yourself without spending hundreds of dollars? Book your first appointment on Sesame and use the code TPH15 to Save 15% on your first appointment.

Kari Faber is a writer for The Penny Hoarder. She still pays the most expensive medical bill for a bad case of diaper rash.

Sage 50cloud vs. QuickBooks Online: Which One Is Best for Your Small Business?


Both Sage 50cloud and QuickBooks Online are powerful accounting solutions for most small businesses. Even so, there are a few factors worth considering so that you can be confident about your decision now and in the future.

QuickBooks Online is the better candidate for business owners looking to prioritize scalability and the ability to easily mill in accountants. And if they want deeper insights into the logistics of their growing business, the reporting capabilities of QuickBooks Online can be scaled with any plan level. However, the unlimited users feature makes Sage a winner among larger businesses and established small businesses that require more than 25 users. However, QuickBooks Online is cheaper.

Sage 50cloud vs. QuickBooks online overview

  • Premium: $ 84.58 – $ 194.75 per month.

  • Quantum: $ 139.58 – $ 356.83 per month (request for quote 11+ users).

  • Easy start: $ 25 per month.

  • Base: $ 50 per month.

  • Advanced: $ 180 per month.

  • Easy start: 1 user; 2 auditing firms.

  • Essentials: 3 users; 2 auditing firms.

  • Plus: 5 users; 2 auditing firms.

  • Advanced: 25 users; 3 auditing firms.

Good. Users can customize password lengths and expiries and create and assign roles with specific access rights to control which features and functions are available at employee level. Sage is well known, but not as popular as QuickBooks Online.

Excellent. Email your accountant a link to sign in to your QuickBooks account. QuickBooks has 4.5 million users worldwide, which means your accountant is likely familiar with it.

Good. Sage’s plans give small businesses room to expand with the option to upgrade in the future.

Excellent. Advanced, custom reporting capabilities in higher-level plans can be of great benefit to experienced business owners interested in creating more sophisticated reports.

Excellent with a usability rating of 9.0 from TrustRadius.

Excellent with a usability rating of 8.3 from TrustRadius.

Extra ease of use note: If you want to get the most out of your accounting software, whether you choose Sage, QuickBooks Online, or something else, you will need to invest some time learning the fundamentals of accounting. The information on the Sage and QuickBooks dashboards can be overwhelming if you don’t brush up on the information terminology and why it matters.

Maximum number of users: Sage wins

If you need to give more than five people access to accounting, Sage might be a better option for you. QuickBooks Online’s most popular Plus plan is five users, and the highest Advanced plan, which is expensive at $ 180 per month, allows up to 25 users. In contrast, Sage’s top tier Quantum plan is more expensive but doesn’t limit the number of users. All in all, however, user limits shouldn’t be a big deal unless you have a larger company.

Reporting Complexity: Tie

As business owners learn more about accounting, they may want to produce more detailed reports, and that ability increases with each of the four QuickBooks Online plan levels. Sage offers over 150 reports, including reports dedicated to companies in the construction, manufacturing, or sales industries. Reports can be customized, grouped, filtered and combined.

Popularity: QuickBooks Online is winning

QuickBooks is an industry standard with 4.5 million users worldwide. With more than two million users worldwide, Sage is also popular, but not as ubiquitous. The numbers alone suggest that your accountant used QuickBooks.

Dashboard: tie

Finally, when you do decide to go with an accounting software, the hope is that you will be comfortable with it. Before making a decision, it is a good idea to test each software product to review its dashboard and shortcuts. While both Sage and QuickBooks Online are easy to use and clean in appearance, you may find that you prefer one layout over the other.

Integrations: QuickBooks Online Wins

QuickBooks Online gives you access to an impressive marketplace with over 600 apps – including third-party tools and QuickBooks add-ons. Sage 50cloud advertises 13 other applications such as Stripe and VeriClock. However, you need a Microsoft 365 subscription and integration to use the premium version.

Mobile app: tie

Both vendors offer mobile apps that can be very helpful for checking things out of the office or off the computer. Both apps are also highly rated in the Apple App Store, though QuickBooks has far more reviews than Sage 50cloud.

Free Trial: Tie

Both providers offer free trials, which is huge for switchers wondering if these offers will work for them. QuickBooks Online offers a free 30-day trial for new customers (or a 50% discount on a 30-day subscription of your choice). Sage is also offering a free 30-day test drive.

Support: QuickBooks Online wins

Business owners who prefer to work on the phone through hiccups will prefer QuickBooks Online, which has extended hours during the week (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Pacific time) and is open on Saturdays; Advanced plan owners receive 24/7 support. Sage also offers phone support Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm (East Coast Time); each call is limited to one hour.

Loan Resources: QuickBooks Online Wins

Both platforms have partnerships to give you easy access to capital. However, setting up Sage with Biz2Credit is more geared towards helping your accountant (the partnership is for members of the Sage Accountants Network). With QuickBooks Online, however, you can arrange financing yourself directly through the Intuit Financing arm or through other lenders that QuickBooks works with.

A closer look at Sage vs. QuickBooks Online


13 other applications, such as Stripe and VeriClock. Microsoft 365 subscription and integration required for Premium.

More than 600 apps including QuickBooks Time, QuickBooks Payroll and Gusto.

Yes. Apple’s App Store gives 4.5 out of five stars, although this is based on only a few ratings.

Yes. Apple’s App Store awards 4.7 out of five stars based on more than 126,000 reviews.

New users get a 30-day free trial of Sage before deciding on a plan.

50% discount for the first three months or try a free 30-day trial.

Telephone support from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (East Coast Time), Monday through Friday; each call is limited to one hour.

Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus provide customer support by phone or messaging Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT and Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT. The Advanced plan offers 24/7 support.

Accountants’ clients on the Sage network will have access to capital through Biz2Credit’s small business finance platform.

Apply for small business loans directly through QuickBooks Capital (not available in Nevada or Alaska).

How your company can benefit from branded clothing


Whether you’re part of a street team marketing specific products or working in a shop or corporation, there are many reasons to consider branded apparel.

Here are some benefits of adding them to your business.

Professional and clean uniforms

One way that branded clothing can be beneficial to your business is by providing a uniform uniform for your workers and employees. This can be helpful in a number of ways. It also reduces costs for employees when their uniforms are made available to them, so they can save money instead of having to spend it on clothing that is only worn to work. This also ensures that your staff is adequately equipped and that you don’t have to worry about someone refusing to adhere to certain dress codes. This is not only suitable for the workplace, but also for other work-related environments such as conferences or business and branch exhibitions. This is an easy way for your team to make an impression and to appear as professional as possible in their market.

Easily recognizable and identifiable

Using branded apparel in a retail work environment has significant benefits, especially for customers. Employees wear uniforms that easy to identify and searching when you need help can improve the customer experience and get them the help they need quickly and easily. This increases the appreciation of the customers in your business and gives them a lasting impression of the service they have provided and increases their likelihood of offering you their business in the future.

Free advertising

Certain branded clothing can be beneficial as you are trying to grow and expand your business. Having your logo or images easily recognizable can help consumers remember your business and name. The fashion industry is riddled with different brands and logos, and it can be difficult to stand out with signs and stationery advertising. Business clothing guide from PromoPAL understand the importance of looking good and wearing the right merch as it develops a visual aspect that attracts people. If you’re at a convention or industry event and someone is interested in your clothing, it will start a conversation about your company.

Team and community feeling

Think about how sports teams built identities around family and togetherness. If you can bring this spirit and energy into your company, the path to success through cohesion and solidarity will be much easier for you and create a more efficient overall team and company as all your members work together. Branded apparently mimics things like jerseys or team jackets with company clothes to increase your morale, especially when your clothes look and feel good. Not only is this good for your employees, but customers may want to feel that way too belong to this larger community, also get similar clothes. This creates more loyal and engaged consumers.

Branded clothing offers advantages to many people. The employees within a company, but also the consumers and customers who support them, can all gain something. Regardless of the size of your business, there are many reasons to own and wear branded clothing.

This week in wealth management offers


In the last week of July, business in asset management continued.

Concurrent Advisors, a super regulatory agency of Raymond James Financial Services, took growth capital from Merchant Investment Management to help the company acquire minority interests in its partner firms.

Nate Lenz, founding partner at Concurrent, said, “Through this structure, you are taking on an investment from Merchant and Concurrent; from there you still retain full operational control. “

Hightower reappeared to promote his latest deal: Farr, Miller & Washington, an RIA led and founded by CNBC employee Michael Farr. The transaction will bring Hightower $ 2 billion in assets under management and three office locations, bringing its total assets to over $ 100 billion.

Mariner Wealth Advisors followed up on announcing the acquisition of AdvicePeriod last week by announcing that it is buying the Channel Islands Group in California. The new company manages $ 277 million in client assets. The deal is expected to close in August.

Raymond James Financial Services accelerated its M&A activity in the UK with the acquisition of 200-year-old public company Charles Stanley to add 200 advisors to its UK presence and $ 37.9 billion in client assets.

Below are other offers you may have missed during the week of July 26th, 2021.

New Mountain takes a minority stake in Homrich Berg

Homrich Berg, an Atlanta-based RIA with $ 10 billion under management, accepted an investment from New Mountain Strategic Equity I, LP, a subsidiary of private equity firm New Mountain Capital. The capital increase supports ownership succession, business development and talent acquisition in the company.

Insigneo is hiring former Merrill Lynch consultants

Miami-based wealth management company Insigneo has hired advisor Jorge Sonville as a Managing Director in Miami. Sonville previously worked for Merrill Lynch, spent 27 years with the company and had approximately $ 2 billion in assets under management.

Goss Advisors adds 14 new advisors

Goss Advisors, a New Orleans-based RIA that manages $ 9.5 billion, recruited 14 advisors in seven states including New York, Ohio, Minnesota, New Jersey, Kansas, and Illinois.

Truist Investment Services loses team to Linsco. by LPL

Consultants Kyle Smith and Michael Sandlin came to LPL Financial through the Linsco employee consultant model. Smith and Sandlin came from Truist Investment Services, previously known as BB&T Scott & Strengfellow, where they managed $ 740 million.

Ameriprise lures Kim Latimer from Merrill Lynch

Ameriprise Financial has hired Kim Latimer, a former financial advisor to Merrill Lynch in Houston. Latimer had $ 211 million in client assets under management at the wirehouse.

Jason White is moving to Carson Partners

Jason White, CEO and Senior Advisor of Dynamic Legacy Planning in Greenfield, Indiana, joined Carson Partners as a network company. White’s team of five manages $ 55 million AUM.

Pinterest stock is crushed due to disappointing user metrics


Despite increasing income, Pinterest (NYSE: PINS) The stock collapsed on Friday following the release of second quarter results, which showed a sequential decline in monthly active users (MAUs). The company’s cautious comments on exposure also rocked investors as people spend more and more time away from home.

At 11:15 a.m. EDT, Pinterest shares were down 19%.

The pandemic-induced wave of engagement is cooling off

Revenue rose 125% to $ 613.2 million in the second quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $ 562.1 million. Global MAUs rose 9% to 454 million, but that rate of growth represents a significant slowdown from the 30% MAU growth Pinterest saw in the first quarter.

In addition, there were MAUs Low on a sequential basis compared to the 478 million MAUs Pinterest had in the first quarter. Crucially, Pinterest lost 7 million MAUs where monetization is highest. The company attributed the decline to the easing of lockdown restrictions in the United States.

“Given that many of Pinterest’s core use cases (e.g., decorating, gardening, cooking, home improvement) are particularly relevant at home, we believe we are disproportionately high in the increased time we spent at home during the pandemic lockdown spend, have benefited, “wrote Pinterest in its letter to shareholders. “However, since mid-March we believe that engagement on Pinterest has been disproportionately lower as people started spending more time with friends outside of their homes, eating out in restaurants, and generally participating in activities that are not our core use cases.”

On the plus side, Pinterest continues to make strides in bolstering overall monetization, which is critical to the bullish thesis. Average revenue per user (ARPU) has increased significantly on all fronts.

segmentARPUYear-on-year growth
US$ 5.08103%
International$ 0.36163%
Global$ 1.3289%

Data source: Pinterest.

Pinterest sees a certain momentum in expanding the e-commerce functions on the platform and partnering with it Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) is helping drive this initiative. The company also recently launched Automatic Bidding for Awareness to streamline the bidding process for advertisers.

It all resulted in adjusted net income of $ 169.9 million, or $ 0.25 per share. Wall Street analysts were expecting just $ 0.13 per share in adjusted earnings.

Dark prospects in the short term

Pinterest expects its engagement headwinds to continue in the future, although there is still a lot of uncertainty. Due to the lack of visibility, the company declined a MAU instruction. Sales growth is also expected to slow down, with sales growth in the region of “low 40%” forecast for the third quarter.

Combine those top-line prospects with higher operating costs – Pinterest continues to invest in long-term growth strategies – and Pinterest’s profitability is likely to be limited.

“In order to build a new ecosystem for creative people, we have to invest, and that means that we distribute Idea Pins at the expense of high-quality advertising inventory, which has an impact on sales,” commented CFO Todd Morgenfeld on the conference call with analysts.

Choose like a pro

Where can you invest $ 500 now?

Before you buy Amazon, Netflix, or Apple, here are some things to consider …

The Motley Fool team was the first to recommend each of these stocks more than a dozen years ago!

  • They discovered Netflix for $ 1.85 a share, back in the days of DVDs in the mail.
  • And recommended Amazon for $ 15.31 in 2002, before most people were familiar with using credit cards online.
  • And even hit Apple at $ 4.97 per share about a month before the very first iPhone was released.

Take a look at where these stocks are today. Bottom line: Investing $ 500 in all three of these stocks would be worth more than $ 200,000 today!

And that’s why this matters: The Motley Fool’s flagship investment service Stock advisor just announced their top 10 “best buys” around the world entire exchange. Whether you’re starting with $ 100, $ 500, or more, you’ll want to know all the details!

Click here to learn more

Evan Niu, CFA owns shares of Pinterest. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Pinterest. Millennial Money is part of The Motley Fool Network. Millennial Money has a disclosure policy.

Purpose announces pure play software ETF


“The software industry plays an important role in our daily lives and these companies represent some of the most exciting business models of the future,” said Som Seif, founder and CEO of Purpose Investments. “The global pandemic has accelerated the growth of the sector as companies have been forced to turn around and continue embracing digitization, and we believe these trends will have long-term implications.”

SOFT tracks the Solactive Purpose Enterprise Software ESG Screened Index NTR (SOFTWARN), the performance of which has resulted in a return of 50.28% over the past 12 months; in the past five years it has risen 473.27%. The fund will also have a total expense ratio of 0.59%.

Nicholas Mersch, Portfolio Manager at Purpose Investments, highlighted numerous strengths of software companies including highly scalable recurring revenue, resilience in any market environment, high gross margins, strong free cash flow and bulletproof balance sheets.

“We believe that a company that doesn’t see itself as a technology company has to buy, become, or lag behind a product,” said Nicholas Mersch, portfolio manager at Purpose Investments. “Software makes this possible, which is why we are particularly pleased about SOFT’s SaaS focus.”

In line with Purpose’s practice of embedding ESG in its investment processes, SOFT also filters out companies exposed to controversial weapons and fossil fuels.

* HOT * Outdoor Photography Guide Annual Premium Membership for only $ 3! (Reg. $ 65 !!)


Impressive! This is a great deal if you love photography!

Always wanted to learn how to take better photos outdoors or just have fun with outdoor photography? Don’t miss this hot offer!

Now you can One-year premium membership in the Outdoor Photography Guide for just $ 3! This is regularly $ 65 so an amazing opportunity!

When you sign up you will receive:

  • Unlimited access to a library of premium video content
  • Step-by-step guide to outdoor photography classes
  • Advice from professional photographers
  • New videos every week with tips, techniques and processes.

You can access your membership at any time using a mobile device or computer. If you know someone who loves photography, be sure to pass this great offer on to them!

Note: If you take advantage of this offer, you will be enrolled in automatic annual renewal at the regular price of $ 65. If you want to avoid being automatically charged after a year, just make sure to turn off auto-renewal in your account after signing in.

Go here to grab this great photo class deal!

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I have a puppy


Before you say it, I’ll fight. I struggle with my children growing up, moving out and being far away. I mean, I’m good, but it’s hard. My whole life is built around being a mom. It is a real change not to be needed so much in this role.

So I did something … I have a puppy! A free puppy. Hello, Facebook Buy Nothing group! A whole litter was posted for free. They said the mother was a Shar Pei, the father was unknown and they would be ready in 4-5 weeks. I jumped on it.

And here it is … my new baby, Addie! And yes, I cuddle her like a baby every afternoon after work. All of my other dogs are adapting and are actually playing for the first time. It’s amazing to see. (For those who didn’t know, we’ve been caring for dogs for years, they’re all older and quite emotionally damaged from their previous life.)

Addie follows me everywhere. Finally she sleeps through the night. And I took her to Tractor Supply Vet’s Day a few weeks ago for her first vaccination and deworming (about $ 100). She also started taking me to the weekly open air concerts in our small town.

This was her first time on a leash so it was a learning experience. I realize this is different for my budget. But more than that, this is for my mental health. She makes me happy and comforts me and gives me someone to play ball … and I love her!



The post I Got a Puppy first appeared on Blogging Away Debt.

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Whether you're part of a street team marketing specific products or working in a shop or corporation, there are many reasons to consider...