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  • Free downloadable resources.

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Get a Healthy Underground TV Workout

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Get the Healthy U TV Membership Offer

They have SO many different types of fitness classes including:

  • Belly / core
  • pole
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  • Cardio strength
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  • HIIT
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  • Kickboxing
  • Little impact
  • meditation
  • strength
  • Treadmill
  • Go
  • Yoga / flexibility

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Sam's Club Membership Discount and Offer

Hot Sam’s Club Black Friday Deal – Ends Tonight!

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Ritholtz partners with WisdomTree to launch Crypto Index


Ritholtz Wealth Management has partnered with WisdomTree to launch the RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index, which allows exposure to Bitcoin (36%), Ethereum (20%) and 11 other crypto assets (4% each). These 11 additional crypto assets include Layer 1 Networks, Layer 2 Protocols, Oracle Networks, Crypto Indexing Services, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and the Metaverse.

While the index is currently only available to Ritholtz customers with separately managed accounts on Gemini, Onramp is making this available to a wider circle of advisors via its cryptocurrency platform, writes Michael Batnick, Research Director at Ritholtz.

“In our view, this direct indexing implementation of the RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index via Onramp Invest and Gemini is the best-composed structure and diversified crypto asset exposure currently available to US investors, and especially the RIA community,” said Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree’s global chief investment officer, in a statement.

“Cryptoassets hold promise for financial advisors to add value, to be compensated for and to do in a way that lives up to their fiduciary responsibility,” said Eric Ervin, chief investment officer and co-founder of Onramp Invest. “Our goal at Onramp was to make this possible from day one.”

The cryptocurrency and investment communities have waited years for a Bitcoin ETF to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and no ETF that invests directly in Bitcoin has yet been approved. The Winklevoss twins were the first to apply for a Bitcoin ETF in 2014.

SEC chairman Gary Gensler gave a speech on crypto ETFs in August, noting that the commission would favor funds that invest in bitcoin futures. And Gensler only recently doubled its concerns about spot bitcoin ETFs.

ProShares made history in October with the introduction of the first Bitcoin futures ETF under the ticker BITO. Several other Bitcoin futures ETFs have been listed since then.

Thrivent gets into the ETF game

Thrivent, the Midwest-based nonprofit financial services organization founded by Lutherans, has filed an initial registration statement for an exchange-traded fund with the SEC.

According to the documents, the company plans to introduce the Thrivent Small-Mid-Cap ESG ETF (TSME)that are actively managed and invest in companies with a market capitalization equal to or below the market capitalization of the largest company in the Russell 2500 Index or the S&P MidCap Index, or both.

The new ETF is part of the organization’s long-term strategic growth goals aimed at bringing more clients financial clarity, ”a spokeswoman said in a statement.

It will use the “proxy portfolio” methodology whereby Thrivent discloses a daily proxy portfolio that reflects the economic risks and risk characteristics of the portfolio without disclosing actual holdings. This reduces front-running and intellectual property theft.

The ETF will be an entirely new fund, not a conversion of any of Thrivent’s existing mutual funds. Several traditionally active managers have announced plans to convert mutual funds into ETFs.

Apollo continues its move into retail wealth management

Private equity firm Apollo is expanding its global wealth management solutions business with the acquisition of Griffin Capital, a privately held alternative asset manager in Los Angeles. The move adds 60 retail sales professionals and hundreds of distribution agreements as Apollo continues to bring its products and services to the retail wealth management market.

Apollo recently set a goal at its Investor Day to raise over $ 50 billion in organic capital for its global wealth business over the next five years.

In May, the company unveiled the new division and outlined plans to develop new products that individuals can invest in through financial advisors.

Griffin is particularly strong in its sales capabilities for the independent channel, Apollo said, a nice addition to its focus on private banks, wirehouses, RIAs and family offices.

“The democratization of the financial system offers enormous opportunities for individual investors to gain access to alternatives,” said Apollo CEO Marc Rowan in a statement. “With the acquisition of Griffin, we will significantly advance our growth plans for the US wealth market, which we presented at our recent Investor Day. As one of the first companies to offer alternative strategies to the US individual investor and advisory market, Griffin has built trusting relationships for more than 20 years and, in combination with Apollo, can offer the market a wider range of solutions. “

First NFT-focused ETF goes onto the market

Defiance launched the first exchange traded fund to focus on NFTs. the Defiance Digital Revolution ETF (NFTZ) does not directly hold fungible tokens, but tries to thematically enter the NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrency markets.

The fund has a management fee of 65 basis points and invests in NFT and blockchain-related companies such as Silvergate Capital Corp., Cloudfare, Bitfarms and Coinbase, among others.

Is social security a big mistake at 62?


As your 62nd birthday approaches, you face a big decision: should you start paying social security at 62 and accept lower benefits? Or should you defer social security to get a higher benefit amount?

Whether you will join social security at the age of 62 depends on several factors: your life expectancy, whether you will retire early and your overall financial situation. Here are some things to consider when planning your retirement.

This is how early use of social security works

If you make social security claims based on your own documents or receive a spouse’s allowance, if you can receive earlier benefits from the age of 62, you will be confronted with a lifelong reduction in benefits.

Your social security benefits are based on your primary insurance amount. This is the amount you would receive if you started your benefits at retirement age. If you were born in 1960 or later, your retirement age will be 67. The retirement age ranges from 66 years for those born in 1943 to 66 years and 10 months for people born in 1959.

Every time you receive social security benefits before your full retirement age, you will have to accept a reduced benefit. Your performance will decrease by 6.66% for each year of early performance. If you start at the earliest eligible age of 62, your benefits will be 30% lower than if you wait until you reach normal retirement age.

However, if you persevere past full retirement age, you will receive deferred pension credits. These amount to 8% per year until your social security benefits expire at the age of 70. If you wait until you are 70, your monthly benefit will be 77% higher than you would if you were 62.

Pro tip

If you are claiming spouse allowance, you cannot purchase late retirement credits. Your benefit will be maximized with your full retirement age.

Highest social security benefit in 2022

Starting ageMaximum benefit
Age 62$ 2,364
Age 65$ 2,993
Age 66$ 3,240
Age 67$ 3,568
Age 70$ 4,194

It makes sense to receive social assistance at the age of 62

Deciding when to get your Social Security retirement benefits is one of the biggest personal financial decisions you will ever make. However, you can start benefiting from the age of 62 in the following situations.

You have health problems

If you are in poor health or your parents died relatively young, it often makes sense to apply early. Your social security contributions will be lower, but early access can result in higher overall lifetime benefits.

However, be aware that your life expectancy is difficult to predict. Even if your health isn’t perfect, there is a good chance you will live longer than you predict. According to the Centers for Disease Control, someone who turned 65 in 2019 could live an average of 19.6 years. Surviving your money is a far greater risk than leaving money on the table.

Pro tip

While you will be eligible for Social Security pension by the age of 62, most people will not be eligible for Medicare until they are 65.

You have an urgent financial need

The irony of social security is that the people who are most dependent on it often cannot afford to receive a larger monthly benefit. Many older employees have to retire early because of health problems, layoffs or care obligations. Social security income can be a lifeline in these situations.

If delaying Social Security pension payments would put you in debt, filing early claims is a wise decision. Even if a delay in social security would mean you forego health insurance or medical treatment, you don’t want to wait.

You don’t plan to work

If you receive social security benefits while working before full retirement age, your monthly benefit will be reduced if your salary exceeds certain limits. In 2022, Social Security will reduce your benefit by $ 1 for every $ 2 you earn over $ 19,560. For the year you reach full retirement age, the annual limit is $ 51,960 and Social Security only withholds $ 1 for every $ 3 you earn over that amount. When you reach full retirement age, you don’t have to worry about a reduction in your benefit.

But you are not giving up that money permanently. When you reach normal retirement age, the Social Security will charge you a higher amount to give you the withheld funds. However, this temporary reduction often means that drawing social security early while working is not worthwhile.

When should social security receipt be postponed?

It is obvious that there are many guesses as to when to draw social security benefits. If these circumstances apply, it is advisable to wait to receive the benefits so that you can collect more money every month.

Your health is excellent

With an above-average life expectancy, it usually does not make sense to take advantage of benefits early. Social Security Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) lag far behind the real cost of living increases for seniors. Although rising inflation pushed Social Security COLA down to 5.9% in 2022, it hovered around 1 or 2% for most years. Starting with an already reduced performance makes it difficult to keep up.

If you expect to live well into your 80s or 90s, waiting is often the best step to take. Every year if you wait past 62, your checks will increment 6.66% until you reach full retirement age. After that, they increase by 8% until you reach maximum output at the age of 70.

Your spouse will make your claim

When you’re married, you can’t just think about your own social security pension benefits. You need to consider how your decision will affect your spouse.

It often makes sense for the higher-income spouse to wait, especially if they are significantly older than the poorer-earning spouse. If the high-wage earner dies before the low-wage earner, the lower benefit can be transferred to the higher survivor benefit. The widowed spouse can receive up to 100% of the benefits of the deceased spouse.

You’re postponing retirement

If you are still able to work and enjoy your job, postponing social security is a good strategy. Of course, if you don’t retire early, you can get greater benefit. However, by earning a paycheck, you can avoid withdrawing money from your 401 (k) or individual retirement (IRA) account, which gives your money more time to top up.

Can you reverse your decision to apply for social assistance?

There are two ways in which you can reverse your decision to receive social security pension benefits.

  • You can withdraw your application: If you got Social Security early and it’s been less than a year, you can fill out Form SSA-521 to withdraw your application. You must repay to Social Security any benefits you received, along with any withheld taxes or Medicare premiums. When you are ready to resume services, you will need to reapply. Then you are entitled to a higher benefit based on your age at that time.
  • You can suspend your benefits when you have reached full retirement age: If you have reached full retirement age but would like to earn those 8% late retirement credits, you can contact your local Social Security Office and request that your benefits be suspended. For example, if you suspend your benefits at 67 and resume at 69, your payments will increase by 16%. Your checks will automatically resume when you turn 70 if you don’t restart them sooner.

As you can see, your options for undoing your retirement are very limited. If you are unsure how to proceed, be sure to speak to a financial advisor before doing your first social security check.

Robin Hartill is a certified financial planner and senior writer at The Penny Hoarder. Send your tricky money questions to [email protected] or chat with her in The penny hoarder community.

How to Buy Polkadot (DOT) in Canada


DOT was first publicly launched a little over a year ago, but this relatively unknown coin has found a spot in the top 10 crypto heavyweights – a testament to the attractiveness, utility and technological capabilities of DOT. This year alone, polkadot has soared from about $ 8.50 to its high of just under $ 54 on November 4th, an incredible 500% increase. To put it in dollars, if you bought $ 1,000 worth of DOT on January 1, 2021, your investment would be worth $ 5,000 as of November 4, 2021.

Undoubtedly, the coin’s dramatic rise into the higher echelons of crypto-verse is intriguing – but is DOT still a promising investment? Let’s take a closer look at its features, potential, and how to invest in it through a crypto trading platform like CoinSmart.

What is polkadot and why is it on the news?

Each crypto currency has its own decentralized ledger system, the so-called blockchain. Some crypto coins share their name with their blockchain, e.g. B. Bitcoin, while native coins of some blockchains have their unique name. The native coin of the Cardano blockchain is called ADA, for example.

Polkadot is a new generation of blockchain protocols that connects different blockchains into a single unified network. In contrast to competing blockchains that work independently, Polkadot is intended to serve as a connecting bridge between blockchain networks and make them interoperable. In essence, the Polkadot Network works as a blockchain of blockchains.

“Interoperability between different blockchain protocols has been a challenge for the industry for many years,” says Gaby Hui, director at Merkle Science, a predictive blockchain monitoring and investigation platform that helps crypto companies, financial institutions and government agencies to illegal activities with cryptocurrency impede.

Polkadot solves this problem by creating an internet out of interoperable blockchains and building a decentralized web, she adds.

In addition to digital tokens, Polkadot also enables data to be transmitted across blockchains. This makes Polkadot “a true multi-chain application environment, where things like cross-chain registers or cross-chain calculations can be done,” notes Hui.

The Polkadot blockchain was developed by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, who teamed up with Peter Czaban to create the Switzerland-based Web3 Foundation, a non-profit that supports research and development for Polkadot.

Maximize Your Benefits and Pay as an Employee


Maximize Your Benefits and Pay as an Employee

Now is a good time to review a paycheck

by Massimiliano De Santis, DESMO Wealth

I thought I would never say that, but I like that IRS website. Not necessarily the IRS or the tax system we have. Just her side. It has great information about taxes. You can find answers to almost everything tax-related. A very useful tool on their website is theirs Withholding Estimator. If you are a W-2 employee I suggest you use it now to estimate your tax liability and see if you are down on your taxes for the year. Do not wait. A paycheck review can help you determine if you are deducting the correct amount of tax from your paycheck. Too little can mean an unexpected tax bill or even a penalty that it is better to avoid. Too much can be a tax refund. While getting a refund can be nice, it also means your paycheck will be smaller than it could be each period. Why not shoot for zero or a small refund and save the money instead?

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Maximize the benefits in the workplace with FSAs and HSAs

by Grant Bledsoe, Three Oaks Wealth

The open registration period for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) is approaching. During the enrollment period, employees can register or change their contributions for the coming year for FSAs and HSAs with which they can pay for their health care expenses. We dedicated today’s episode to a deep dive into several important facts related to FSA, dependent FSA, HSA and the numerous ways to maximize Her Job advantages among each of them.

[Watch the Video]

Open Enrollment 2022: 3 Tips to Maximize Your Benefits

by Alvin Carlos, District Capital Management

Open enrollment in 2022 is here. From November 1, 2021 to January 15, 2022, you have the option to change your health insurance, increase your life insurance coverage and decide whether you want to take out disability insurance. I will give 3 tips on how to do this to maximize your employee benefits during this open enrollment period.

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The benefits of changing jobs [Video]

by Robert Stoll, Financial Design Studio

Let’s talk about your career and what the benefits of changing jobs could be for you. Many career experts will say that changing jobs regularly is not only good for advancing your career to get new positions, but also in monetary terms. Let’s get practical with this.

[Watch the Video]

One of the least used saving tools: The HSA

by Danielle Harrison, Harrison Financial Planning

With the increase in high deductible health insurance (HDHP) offered by employers, it is surprising to see how few people use a health savings account (HSA). Not only can these plans provide a way for individuals and families to save tax efficiently on current medical expenses, but HSAs are a perfect tool to save for retirement and other financial needs because of their unique structure and functions.

[Read the Full Article]

Following financial advisor blogs is a great way to access valuable, educational information about finance – and it won’t cost you anything! Our financial planners are happy to share their knowledge and help everyone, regardless of age or wealth.

Get paid to play with puppies


You must have said or heard someone say, “If I could just get paid to play with puppies all day, I would be in heaven.”

Well read on …

Guide dogs need YOU.

Guide dogs are looking for a dog scientific assistant whose main job is to look after beautiful dogs all day. The charity is providing £ 23,173 pro-rated wages to successful candidates and the lucky devil will be working at the charity’s National Center in Leamington Spa for a twelve month internship four days a week.

Get paid to play with dogs

Her responsibilities include helping guide dog pups, who are trained by the charity to help visually impaired owners get a strong and caring start in life so they can become valuable helpers to those in need.

One disadvantage: you have to apply very quickly, because the application deadline is this Sunday, December 5th, 2021. You must have experience in dealing with or handling animals and – ideally – a degree in the natural sciences or animal behavior. Without a degree, you need at least two years of previous experience with animals.

Helen Whiteside, Guide Dogs’ Chief Scientific Officer, said, “In addition to providing other services to improve the lives of people with vision loss, Guide Dogs breeds and trains more than 1,000 dogs each year. The Canine Science Assistant will help develop and conduct our vital research on canine behavior, health, and wellbeing.

Get paid to play with this guy

“This important role will be about our pups’ welfare: getting to know, interact and interact with them as they grow into happy, healthy guide dogs.

“We are excited about the applications and are pleased to be able to offer this dream position to a lucky candidate with exceptional research experience.”

To apply, don’t hesitate and follow this link.

Or if you’re looking for something a little different to market your favorite thing in the world (dogs) then check out our roundup of the possibilities here.

“You can’t wait for opportunities; you have to do it ‘


“I think that as the landscape changes, women need to think outside the box and also become risk takers,” she said. “So, I’ll be speaking at the conference about how this can be done if it’s not excessively dangerous to your health, your children, and all the other responsibilities you have.”

Langley, whose father was a financial advisor, worked for a major bank for ten years before deciding to start her own business. In January 2016 she founded Emerge Capital Management Inc. in the USA, at the end of July 2019 she founded Emerge Canada from Toronto. She is the CEO, founder and majority owner of both.

“It was an incredibly tough road to become the first female ETF fund owner,” she said. “One of the biggest realizations is that you can’t wait for opportunities; you have to do it. “

Langley said it was a turning point when the securities commission allowed her to become the first woman to own an ETF mutual fund company. While she felt honored to be recognized, “It was hair-raising difficult and emotional. But in the end we had wins and that’s really all that matters. Now it is important to ensure that we move forward with smart steps and a talented team. And that’s really the next phase: a jump up. “

When Emerge Canada started in July 2019, it launched five ETF funds because she said, “I felt we had a window of opportunity to really make a mark and that we needed to come out with a swing.” But then “pretty much everything in the world is thrown at us.” There was some regulatory complexity surrounding the US-listed ETF. There was confusion among investors about the U.S.-listed ETFs versus Emerge Canada ETFs from their sub-advisor Cathie Woods of ARK and then the pandemic hit and everyone was forced to work from home. Therefore, Emerge has started many consultant webinars.

Save money this Christmas after the Covid lockdowns


New research shows that 15 million UK adults will save money by spending less this Christmas *, with one in ten Britons fearing they will get into financial trouble this Christmas, according to GoCompare Money.

The study, which asked more than 2,000 people how they handle money this Christmas, also found that just under a third (31%) of respondents say they have to be very careful with their Christmas spending, and 6% become money spend they have not.

A third (34%) say they won’t have any financial problems as Christmas approaches this year, but just under a quarter (22%) of people are worried about their finances, with more than one in ten (12%) saying that they are worried about taking on more debt to fund the celebrations.

People Christmas shopping

People are going to spend less this Christmas

According to the figures, the average Christmas spend on gifts, socializing and food will be £ 602.50, with 18-24 year olds spending the most at £ 712.10 on average and 55-64 year olds spending just over £ 7 spend a little less 530. This is a difficult time to save money.

In terms of spending, almost half of respondents (45%) finance Christmas with their income, one in five (21%) has put money aside and, worryingly, 13% will give up some of their purchases using a credit card.

Commenting on the results, Richard Jones of GoCompare Money said, “As consumers recover from a global pandemic, research shows that people are more careful about not spending too much by planning to spend less, being more careful and not themselves separated from the same amount as usual.

Christmas is supposed to be the best time of the year, but there is always a lot of pressure to inject the money, which it can do at a time of stress rather than goodwill. With gifts to buy, friends to get to know and all the delicious festive food and drinks to enjoy – it is very tempting to get carried away. “

He added, “Most people love to get a bargain and save money, and Christmas is actually the perfect time to do that, especially when finances have been a little unstable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our results show that Christmas this year will be very different for many people, because the stresses of the last two years have an impact on the wage packages and disposable income. “

Our own financial expert Jasmine Birtles says, “If your research is correct, I’m happy to hear that the British will be spending less this Christmas. Every year I beg people not to spend too much at Christmas and get a terrible debt hangover in January, and every year I see we spend more than last year!

“I very much hope that we will buck the trend at least this year. We talk about Christmas being of peace, love and benevolence for all men, but in practice it is often about debt, desperation and domestic violence. At least if we can keep spending under control this year, many of us will find that our Christmas holidays are as good as we are ready to make and that we can often have a happier time by enjoying Christmas qualities (peace, Love and goodwill) instead of spending £ 100. “

Here we offer a practical guide to saving money all year round.

Journal Club 12-3-21 | Passive income MD


Journal Club 12-3-21This is Journal Club 12/3/21! I stop every week JOURNAL CLUB. After filtering the articles on the web, I present some that have influenced my life this week. Be safe and stay healthy!

  • While there are several factors that go into achieving financial independence, there is one critical aspect that should be exploited the most to get the most benefit. Can you guess what that is? According to the author of The white coat investor, it’s your clinical income! To help you build a successful practice, the author gives some important tips in the article – 6 easy steps to building a high volume surgical practice.
  • Finding a retirement number so you can work on comfortably retiring one day can be a daunting task for many. But the author of The prudent plastic surgeon assures you that calculating your pension amount doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor and provides an easy-to-follow process to make this possible in the article – Pension calculator in 5 steps for doctors.
  • As doctors, many of us want the independence that comes with starting our own practice, and which of course comes with a lot of responsibility and accountability. Over time, some of you may feel that the cost of owning and running a practice is beyond the benefits it once offered, and you could decide to sell your practice. The author of Debt Free Doctor elaborates on some of the reasons for this decision in the article – Practice real estate: Why doctors are selling their buildings
  • Not surprisingly, short term rentals are an exciting and popular investment option with real estate investors. However, not all properties are created equal and, as an investor, it is in your best interest to analyze whether a deal is worthwhile before investing. Would you like to learn how to do it? The author of Half boarded MD shares a helpful resource in the article – Find a great deal with a cash-on-cash calculator for short term rentals.

TThat’s all for this week! I hope this week’s Journal Club has been helpful.

Do you read interesting articles? Please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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How to give the camp gift to children (for Christmas or other occasions)


Gift of the share

If you ask parents what their kids want for Christmas, they’ll likely start with a long sigh, followed by “Well … She really likes Ninjago and dress up.”

If you keep pushing you will find that the parents are overwhelmed by the toys the kid has and they really aren’t that excited about giving more plastic trash to their kid.

Enter the gift of stocks and investments. Giving kids a share is a fantastic way to avoid parenting stress, prepare a child for their financial future, and teach a few lessons along the way.

Plus, as a millennial family, I’m tired of receiving all of this junk. Think about it. Your child can receive up to 20 gifts each Christmas time (mother, father, siblings, grandparents, Santa Claus, etc.). But by mid-January there are only 1-2 toys that they actually play with.

So instead of wasting all that money on gifts (and then leaving a pile of junk around the house), why not use the same money to invest in your child’s future. This is a great option for the extended family who might want to give away.

If that’s you, these are the best ways to share a stock, give away investments, and even teach them financial literacy in a fun way!

Promotion: If you want to give a real stock certificate to a kid (and they’ll become an investor too) check out GiveAShare. You can buy a framed stock (which is the perfect gift) and become a stockholder too. Check out GiveAShare here >>

How to give away investments to children

Ask for a contribution to a 529

In my opinion, the best way to give stock to kids is by depositing into their 529 or ABLE accounts. Many parents have invested a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for their children’s futures, and they will appreciate every additional dollar that can be invested for their children.

If you have plans to give thousands of dollars to a special child, you can set up a 529 account yourself and designate the child as a beneficiary, but for most people this is an inordinate gift.

Here’s a breakdown of the best 529 plan in your state:

A more practical way to contribute to a 529 plan is to ask parents if they have one set up. If they respond positively, consider asking them to invest your $ 20 or $ 50 gift on your behalf. That sounds like a measly gift, but it adds up over time. I have two children and they both have 529 plans that we funded with cash they received for birthday and Christmas presents. There are several thousand dollars in each of their accounts.

A great way to give away college through a 529 plan is by using a service like supporter. Backer makes it easy to set up and contribute to a 529 plan! After you’ve set it up, your child will be given a unique URL – for example

You can share this url with your family and you can easily gift it in a 529 plan! In our family this is the best way grandma and grandpa give money to our kids and it goes really far! Check it out here.

A close runner-up from Backer is Upromise. Uromise has been around for a long time and you can link a 529 to a range of rewards programs, shopping discounts, and even a credit card. This is a great tool for grandparents to save up for a grandchild’s college.

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Buy a share

If contributing to a 529 plan isn’t a realistic option (or for some reason your preferred choice), consider giving an actual share of the child’s favorite stock (or an ETF). There are a number of websites devoted to just this option.

GiveAShare allows you to buy a share and have the actual certificate (or a replica of the certificate) framed as a gift. Your share is also registered electronically – so you are a real shareholder. Check out GiveAShare here >>

Public recently announced the ability to buy and give away fractions of shares (they call them stock slices). The public charges a commission of $ 0 to purchase a share. And then you can give it to someone for the holidays (be it your kids or someone else)!

If you want to check out all of your options, check out our list of the best custody accounts for kids.

There are currently a growing number of stock breaking companies, but most of these companies don’t offer custody accounts or have high management fees for those with small account balances.

Related: Where can you invest in fractions of stocks?

Set up a DRiP plan

Another way to buy a stock for a child is to buy a dividend reinvestment plan (DRiP) direct from a company.

To set up a DRiP, you need to buy a share in the company and then sign up for automatic dividend reinvestment. Many kid-friendly companies like Hershey’s and Hasbro offer royalty-free DRiP plans for shareholders.

In addition, most of our favorite free investment venues, such as TD Ameritrade, offer free dividends reinvested in your account.

Don’t forget about the teaching opportunities

Giving a share is a great way to help a child get on a solid financial footing, but the lessons that come with it are even more important. When giving a special kid a share of stocks, you should be giving them financial literacy tools as well.

When you’re comfortable with this, you can teach them how to rate a stock on Yahoo Finance, or you could give them a book that teaches them age-appropriate lessons.

These are our top finance books by age group:

Age 0-4
Money A to Z by Scott Alan Turner

Age 5-8
A chair for my mother by Vera Williams

Age 9-11
The Secret Millionaires Club by Andy and Amy Heward

Age 12-14
The Young Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Starting and Running a Business by Steve Mariotti

Age 15-17
Adam Carroll’s monetary student

Age 18+ I will teach you to be rich by Ramit Sethi

Are you planning (or have you in the past) given your children shares?

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