Professional development is not for birds


Professional development enables you to seek your dream job and get closer to your best life. By simply investing in interesting books or signing up for a few courses, you can expand your career or grow your business. There is no reason to stagnate when there is so much information.


Monday is your favorite day. Seriously. They have a rhythm that works for you, and you’ll blow through your morning routine, knocking out all of the items on your to-do list, and even having some time to work on passion projects.

Just when you think life couldn’t get any better, this little wobble happens in the pit of your stomach. You try to ignore it at first. Why should you pay attention? Life is good isn’t it? No wait, life is amazing! But that slight tension doesn’t let up, and you know it all too well. You are in your comfort zone.

It is tempting to take a back seat and sail smoothly for a while longer. But you know you want it You want the growth, the excitement, and the challenge. You miss it You long for it.

Why professional development?

The rut. The dead end. Call it what you want. As you start ticking off items on your professional to-do list, you will find that your list needs some new additions. But here’s the fun part: this time around, there are things you can do that will enable you to live your best rich life.

Stay with us!

Professional development is about more than just winning awards and earning doctorates. It’s about saying yes to the things you want in your life and no to things that suck. But there is also professional relevance. If this is your path to a new career, it is a benefit to be noticed by the companies you want on your radar.

This is the time for you to develop your knowledge or skills in the professional field. Professional development can be part of the job description to renew their license, e.g. B. Real Estate Agents. It can also be a personal decision to grow in specific areas in order to move up the corporate ladder.

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Improve your professional game

When Ramit was a kid, his mother bored him for two hours after school to become an ace in spelling. Other parents have worked even harder to enable their children to become school or district champions (yes, we may dare, even national ones!). While learning experiences can be different for everyone, student performance relied heavily on the effort put into developing those skills.

We’re not saying to ask your mom to drill you two hours after work every day so that you can meet your professional development goals. Although technically, that might not be such a bad idea.

Woman reading a book outside in the grass
There are many easy ways to meet your professional development goals

Other ways to achieve these goals are:

Read the topics that drive growth

Do you want to get in shape? Get material in the market from the best in the business. We talk about books, books and more books. Whether you order a hardcover from Amazon or just sign up for the audio version with Audible, you have to be consuming books like crazy. Books are a cheap investment in professional development materials that could be the catalyst for the next big thing. A book by Jay Abrahams inspired a business idea and Ramit generated $ 100,000 in one month!

Ramit has a famous rule that Ramit book purchase rule That said, if a book looks even remotely interesting, buy it. You may get upset about the dollars and cents later as this book may just have one life or career changing idea in it.

Sign up for a free course

Sites like Skillshare and Udemy are filled to the brim with useful courses. Some of them don’t even have to pay a dime! (Excuse me as we bounce back from the hellish student loan debt we had to pay off before eLearning was a thing).

Invest in yourself

Sure, the free stuff is great, but sometimes professional learning takes a little more than a free course. If you are struggling to justify the decision, it is important to invest in yourself. The right investment in a course could result in better paying customers, a better job, a raise, or even a business idea that could explode into the next big thing. If there is a chance it will bring you closer to your rich life, it is worth considering.

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Find a mentor

Sometimes you buy a book and the book is just so great that it is leads to a mentoring program worth $ 15,000. According to Ramit, he would easily pay ten times that amount for the course he took with Jay Abraham.

A mentor gives you a glimpse into the daily habits and routines of those who are consistently great at what they do. Those who have reached the top of their game may not share all of the steps and habits they develop in order to achieve their goals.

A mentor bridges this size gap and is also better equipped to provide technical assistance with real life problems as they arise. For example, if you want to build muscle to move into a higher weight class in your boxing career, find a mentor who has already been through this and worked with others like you.

Take part in professional development workshops

One of the best ways to keep up with your professional development is to join a community of like-minded people. Going through course material, maintaining assignments, and creating study groups are much easier when you study with others. It creates a sense of responsibility.

Professional development doesn’t stop with your courses

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