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    Jenny Melrose is a former city school teacher turned lifestyle blogger, creating great quick and easy recipes and projects for busy parents.

    Diving into her new blog, The Melrose Family, allowed Jenny to have an identity of her own. She quickly realized that she could make an income and replace her teacher’s salary. Four years later, she sold her website for a six-figure sum and started her coaching company to teach people how to market their business online and understand that they make an impact.

    The importance of problem solving as an entrepreneur

    “I say when you go online, be prepared for changes. You have to be flexible and a marketing student. ”However, the amount of information you need to be successful can be overwhelming. “I think it’s important to have groups you belong to so you can ask others for recommendations.” Find out which podcasts and workshops they are attending that are helpful.

    She recommends offering products or services that connect with your audience and help solve a problem. In addition to the products and services she can communicate with, Jenny strongly recommends meeting people in person. She believes it is important to understand, research, listen, and find out about the possibilities of marketing. Find out which style of teaching works best for you and look for these learning opportunities. Coaching is also another great way to learn. “You have to find the coach who teaches you the path that suits you best.”

    Decipher business reports

    Do they give you all the information and show you their expenses? Do you have a team? If they’re making a seven-figure sum, that’s not an individual running a business. So view your profits and losses as a business, but be careful not to fall into the comparison trap.

    Jenny says not to compare yourself to someone else’s dream or the path they have chosen. Everyone has different challenges, family life, and work situations, so don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t reached the level of success that someone else has achieved.

    Product creation in your company

    After creating your product or service for your new business, make sure to start generating website traffic. Use as many different website traffic avenues as possible to diversify the number of ways you can attract people to your website. Jenny suggests several routes to your website because if you have all your eggs in one basket and that basket is thrown away, then you are financially screwed. “People used to rely on Facebook for traffic. No, I don’t hear anyone talking on Facebook unless they pay to apply and run ads. “

    The Importance of an Email Marketing List

    Maintaining an email marketing list is essential to promoting your products and services. “You also still have your old reliable traffic so if you are trying to create and relate to content, you can still use your list to send it to that content and hopefully share it and more people to win your list. “

    Grow your social media followers

    One of the things Jenny teaches is that you need to know your worth. “If you’re asked to work for muesli, it’s a product. Even if it’s free, they’ll promote you. ”You will get more social media followers. “I think it’s really important that you renegotiate and tell them that in order to keep your site healthy, your readers and any previous brands you’ve worked with are only working on paid content.” From this point You can show the value, ROI, of working with you by explaining your audience and the reach you have because of that audience.

    Common mistakes influencers make is thinking that brands want to work with them because of them. Brands want to work with influencers because of the influencer target group. Where they shop, how old they are, or where they live is what they look for in the audience.

    Create your own products and services

    Influencers who get paid don’t want to walk away from their sponsorship money. However, it is money that they don’t have because it’s not their product or service. If you keep scaling your business, the sponsorship won’t be worth your time. I’ve made three times more money selling my own stuff in the last 30 days than a full influencer contract is worth. “Once you’ve set up your business, that makes all the difference.”

    Market research

    The first thing I would say is do your research, you know what you are looking for. You need your avatar’s aim to understand whether or not your audience is the right choice. Next, show the audience that you have the perfect solution to their problem.

    We also know what makes us experts, what makes us unique, and can then contribute our expertise. “Whoever you pitch for, whether it’s a brand, whether you’re promoting the media, it’s important to understand this positioning.”

    After all, you need a call-to-action or CTA for every one of your ads, blogs, and social media posts. How would you like them to contact you? This is the one component of sales that is so often overlooked. You have to be very straightforward in telling them to click on answers. Be clear and state what you want your prospect to do next.

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