Raymond James converts 80 offices into zoom rooms


    Raymond James is in the process of converting 80 of its corporate offices in St. Petersburg, Florida into “zoom rooms” so that employees can continue to conduct meetings remotely.

    “The pandemic has only helped accelerate the interactions we currently have – perhaps by more than a decade – because we need to,” said Paul Reilly, CEO of Raymond James Financial, on Private Client this week Virtual Conference from SIFMA. “We can’t get together in a big group.”

    The company’s offices will most likely take a hybrid approach once employees return to the office, with a combination of face-to-face and virtual interactions. The company is currently working on the details of how the branch offices will work in the future and how the staff will be distributed once the consultants return to the offices

    “Face-to-face is important, but a lot of customers – they don’t want a face-to-face meeting every time,” said Reilly. “We have to have offices that fit in.”

    In March 2020, the company hired Willem VanDooijeweert, former Managing Director and Head of Real Estate and Operations Transformation at PwC, as Head of Real Estate and Operational Transformation at Raymond James. He was then commissioned to move the company to mobile facilities.

    “Even when we’re back live, there will always be hybrid folks on Zoom somewhere where it was always awkward before,” said Reilly.


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