Real estate and refinancing in 2021


    Real estate and refinancing in 2021

    The condition of the property

    by Ella Taylor, Ella Finanzberatung

    Who would have thought that the pandemic would trigger a real estate boom the likes of which has not occurred since 2005? According to an article in Forbes (Richardson 2021), “US homes increased in value by around $ 2.5 trillion in 2020 – the highest value in a single year since 2005, according to a new Zillow analysis. The total US housing stock is now Worth 36.2 trillion US dollars. “

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    Interest rates stay low. Should You Refinance? 3 things to keep in mind …

    by Jamie Lima, Woodson Wealth Management

    If you bought your home when interest rates were above current record lows, you might be wondering: should I refinance? You’d think the answer would be simple: a lower rate is better, right?

    However, the right choice depends a lot on your situation.

    And with the way fees and mortgage rates work, refinancing can be bad business at times.

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    Should I buy a house now?

    by Keith Spencer, Spencer Financial Planning

    The housing market is a little crazy, isn’t it?

    Or maybe you will read this in the future, if the housing market is not crazy, in this case: Hello future you!

    In any case, hopefully this article will help you think through (a) if buy a house and (b) how much House to buy.

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    It’s a sellers’ market

    by Rob Stoll, Financial Design Studio

    One of the most notable things that we have seen in the past 7 months of the COVID pandemic is the uninterrupted strength of the housing market. After a brief slump in March and April, home sales went up in flames. The question for potential home buyers / sellers is whether now is a good time to buy / sell. What We Know: It’s a Home Selling Market!

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