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    Patrice Washington is a financial professional who is passionate about helping other women redefine wealth for themselves and showing them that wealth creation is not about stress, struggle and argument.

    She started in the real estate business at 19 and finished off completely during the 2008 recession.

    “I literally went from a seven-figure business to a drive for change.”

    Little did she know that this was just the beginning of her journey.

    Build a better relationship with money

    Patrice preaches that women need to develop a better relationship with money, not just with their skills, but also with their mindset and relationship with money.

    “To redefine my relationship with money and wealth and to recognize that wealth is so much more than money and material possessions – that it includes the condition of well-being.”

    She says that her new way of thinking about wealth affects her ability to attract wealth, not through stress, struggle and argument, but through being. “Being has enabled me to attract so many phenomenal opportunities that have led to financial wealth.”

    Patrice is interested in getting more people to be in a room where they wake up each day, live what they think is their God-given goal, and make decisions based on a place of faith rather than fear can. She really wants women to lead the life they want to lead on their own terms.

    Keep your positive money mindset

    “As soon as your mindset is gone, everything else turns.” She recommends sticking to your positive attitude towards money even in times of desperation and challenge. Business and economics are seasonal and do not determine your whole story.

    “You have to look for the hope, the lessons, the blessings, and the relationships that will bring you back into harmony.”

    So many things have opened up and shifted, but this experience is still relevant because it can still be applied if you move on. So when you are tempted to take action, the first thing you want to do is make sure what you are doing is right for you. You need to focus on moving the needle forward.

    “Now I’m in a season where all offers are great because they meet my minimum financial needs for the time, brands or networks they’re connected to.”

    Enhance Your Relationship With Wealth

    “To really improve our relationship with wealth or income, we need to go back and talk to the little kid inside us who made decisions.”

    Unfortunately, filling out calendars and getting jobs aren’t always the best choices for entrepreneurs.

    Own decisions

    “My grandma always said let your yes be your yes and your no your no.” There is something about owning your choices that attracts wealth. So many of us, when we are wishy-washy and there is no commitment, go over the fence with our choices.

    Determination is another principle or way of being, according to Patrice. “A healthy respect for money and gratitude is definitely a wealthy habit. I don’t think money is attracted to whining and complaining. ”On the contrary, wealth is drawn to gratitude, to being in the room of giving.

    It reminds us to express joy and gratitude because “When you are in a place of whining and complaining, you verbalize, enlarge and magnetize.” If you don’t talk about life and come out of gratitude and respect what you already have, then you hurt yourself energetically. So send out the energy that you want to attract.

    Finding and defining your identity

    If you are dealing with something in your being and identity that is holding you back from doing it, you need to be ready to deal with it in order to move forward.

    Your business will only grow as you are ready to heal.

    How faith played a part in Patrick’s business

    Faith is paramount to Patrice. “I always tell people that without my belief, you wouldn’t even know who I am. My faith is why I’m here because it gives me resilience and reminds me that nothing is forever. ”With her faith, Patrice sees things forever. She sees life as cyclical as the seasons, and her beliefs are paramount.

    Commitment strengthens the belief, because when you have this belief, “I have the feeling that it is easier for me to get involved in things because I have the feeling that my belief is already guiding me.” So if she led to it feels to be following a certain path, whether it looks logical or not, because all the paths I have taken so far have not looked logical, she relies on her faith to guide her.

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