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Simple replacements like switching to LED light bulbs reduce energy consumption by 80% – you save money and make a big difference for the environment.

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SaveMoneyCutCarbon sent us products and granted us a 12 month Home Club membership for the purpose of this review.

We want to be economical in most things in our lives. We try to fix things when it goes wrong and buy used ones.

Our first thoughts are that we are saving money, but there is the bonus that we are also helping to live sustainable lives.

Even if we need to buy something, it is best to hunt around and find the best price instead of picking the first thing that comes up in a search result from a global company.

SaveMoneyCutCarbon not only helps us save money on our energy and water bills, we can also reduce our carbon footprint through small exchanges for eco-friendly items.

In order to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, we have received a package of LED products that we can use to save our bills immediately.

Save money with LED

LED lighting works the same as standard lamps – except that you save money and time.

Since LEDs have a lower output than conventional lamps, you can save up to 90% on your electricity bill over a year.

In addition, the light bulbs last longer. Conventional lamps last around 2,000 hours, but LED lamps last around 15,000 hours. This saves you waste at the landfill and you no longer have to search for new lightbulbs so often.

We were given an assortment of lightbulbs to turn on our main lights as well as lamps.

I think this giant globe LED is one of my all time favorite lightbulbs – it’s huge and beautiful!

(I also can’t believe that’s a statement I said out loud – Christ, growing up isn’t what I imagined!)

Globe LED lightbulb

LED lamps are a simple and direct replacement for conventional light shades. You can get them in screw or bayonet locks.

We’re moving soon and the Ledvance cupboard light will be very useful in our kitchen.

It is battery operated and can be placed in hard to reach places that need extra light. It even detects movement and turns on automatically.

LED lighting

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home Club

You can buy LED bulbs and more from the online store, but you can make bigger savings by joining the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home Club.

Membership gives you discounts on clubs with the best guaranteed prices so you can live a sustainable life without compromising on savings.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a Sustainable Swap Box (worth £ 39.95) with 10 ways you can start cutting CO2 right away.

There’s more – if you sign up as a welcome gift, you can request a free laundry egg, detox tablet and LED lightbulb worth € 12.95 with your first order.

Sustainable Swaps Box

Sustainable Swaps Box

The swap box gives you a choice of products so you can see that small changes can make a big difference, and the products are similar to the more traditional ones that I know I’m more used to.

I’ll keep the water flow bag for the move. We changed the shower head in the place we rent but that’s all we can really do if we don’t own the property. Even so, we can save £ 135 a year in water and energy bills by installing an eco shower head.

Once we’ve bought a home, the bag helps us check the speed of our water in the bathroom and kitchen and then see how we can save money.

I’m a little in love with the beeswax wrap too. I’ve seen people use them as a replacement for plastic wrap, but I was never sure. I’ll tell you what – I’m so sold! You get one in the Sustainable Swap Box and I’ve already checked the website for more information.

I had already used the bamboo cotton swabs before I thought of taking a picture (d’oh!).

We will receive new eco-friendly packaging every month so that we can continue to make savings and reduce our carbon footprint.

Look out for our future opportunities for sustainable swaps:

  • April – Stasher Bags
  • May – environmentally friendly cleaning and washing up
  • June – Ökoegg and soy candles
  • July – eco bathroom
  • August – eco BBQ and picnic
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