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    This is my annual birthday mail!

    I am very happy that I have moved so far from my early beginnings with just my blog to my company with a whole team behind me!

    A reflection on this past year:

    Dig deep into my money mindset

    I decided to dig deep into my money mindset in 2020, and this process provided an excellent contrast to the previous year. I decided to expand despite bleak circumstances. If there was ever a global mindset exam, pandemic year was definitely this year!

    This process was complicated, especially when the world is in such a dark place. But I still woke up every day and made up my mind to go through and make this change. Working with mentors like Michael Burt and Harry Hale has been very helpful in changing the way I think.

    How to Create an Identity of Wealth

    I had to change my mindset to create my version of a rich woman’s identity. What is the essence that I am trying to create? For me, I want to be as rich as I damn. I want Chanel bags and real estate – I want everything.

    I started making decisions from elsewhere because I realized the world was on fire. There’s a lot going on here, but I’ll choose to make choices about the rich woman’s identity. Think about who you want to become and plan to get there.

    Building Relationships to Realize Your Dream

    My challenges were mainly job-related. I realized that I had to build relationships first and then move on to boost my career.

    Will you improve Those who choose to join will always be rewarded. I only realized this mantra when I began to study the more energetic aspects of the universe that affected my business and me personally. Looking back, I realized that for the past three years, astrologically, I’d gotten my ass. I experienced this at the same time the world got it astrologically.

    Entry into the age of acquisition

    My aim is to be aware of and acknowledge the power of the working age we are in. I am so tired of all the energy of Capricorn. I need a breather and I need a speed up!

    Now I can share all of the levels that I built last year. Now I can reap the rewards of following my internal guidance and intuition and improving even when it has been difficult.

    Do the hard and get rewarded in business

    You can do difficult things when you create a plan and stick to your goals! So many people are overwhelmed by challenges and problems, but you don’t have to. Always looking for a solution and you can face the challenges of running your own business.

    Challenges aren’t bad; They are here to show us how we can expand and grow beyond our current limits. Broaden our horizons to grow and learn something new. Because although we wish to live in a world without problems, we don’t and must be able to deal with those problems in order to move forward and grow both personally and professionally.

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