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    Erika Tebbens is a stunning management consultant who takes entrepreneurs to the next level.

    We chat about networking, follow-up, and how to sell with integrity.

    The importance of personal networking

    Erika says there was a time when she felt in deficit because many other companies had been online for years. “But now, looking back, it became clear to me that my personal, real-world business experience has actually helped tremendously.”

    Erika started her first job when she was 15, working in a tuxedo sales and rental business in Phoenix, Arizona. Although the sale of evening wear was not her appearance, she is pleased with the experience that has given her a good sales experience. “We really learned how to add value to the consumer.”

    She then moved to the branch manager of Calvin Klein. With the Seattle store being the fifth largest in the country with a team of over 40 employees, Erika was able to expand and take her original sales skills to the next level. “Not only did I have to sell, I also had to teach other people how to do it really, really well.”

    Erika continued to sell for an organic farm, taught and discontinued training courses. Through this experience she met a friend who made her a strategic coach.

    Sell ​​as a freelancer

    “In entrepreneurship, my gateway drug was freelance. And I used to have a strange relationship with it. “In direct selling, they give a realistic expectation of what is being asked of you, and there are more traditional sales-building skills. “When you work in a direct selling company, literally every other consultant is your competition. They sell the exact same things for the exact same price. They have the same promotional periods for sales and special offers. “

    Erika notes that the difference between you and other salespeople is your unique experience with people. She became the pocket lady, creating her brand and making sure everyone she contacted had a great customer experience.

    Make connections to make sales

    It struck me that the most important aspect of coaching, and doing business online in general, is the lack of people making an effort to make connections. Nobody teaches coaches how to sell.

    I find that while people have been trained on how to do inbound closing, nothing else. Do you know how to search, do you know how to fill your pipeline? Do you know how to deal with objections? Do you know how to close? Do you know how to track? The answer is usually no. Then don’t make any sales; They take orders. You need a product that you can sell any bloody day, no matter what, and an automated marketing system.

    Give away value

    Give value, but if you want to get paid and have a viable business, you need to hug the people you serve. You are amazing and the people you speak to will appreciate your service. This means that they can take advantage of an opportunity that they are well suited to and help them.

    Coffee chats to talk about business

    So many women enjoy live coffee chat because it’s an easy and low-key way of talking about business. I’ve been in many coffee chats where I take control of the situation to focus our talk on how to make money, get referrals, or whatever the topic for that session. So many women don’t focus on relationship building because many of them don’t want to be pushy or seen as high pressure.

    Why do you want feedback on your product?

    Erika is very determined to do what you do and receive feedback after your sale. Make sure you get specific feedback from other people to take advantage of this and use it again to introduce other new people. They can also highlight why you might be the perfect person for them.

    Says Erika, “One of the things you can do to build trust is when you do the things you say you will do, both outside of your store and outside of sales. When you say you are going to do something, do it because it shows that you can trust yourself. “The integrity piece is the secret sauce for everyone in the business. Having integrity and congruence with yourself creates trust. She comments on her self-confidence: “Everyone is always asking, how did you get so confident? I do the shit that I say, I’ll do it, that’s it. I just showed myself that I can trust myself. ”

    Be confident and say, “If you learn from me, this will be the result. If you do the job or hire me to do the job, it will be the result and not try to sell people like a million other things that you have no control over. ‘

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