Rental evictions are set to resume in England next month


    The temporary ban was supposed to end at this point, but was extended several times last year. However, Housing Minister Christopher Pincher confirmed on Thursday (May 12) that eviction notices could be reissued from June 1 – although bailiffs have been asked not to evict if someone living on the property has Covid-19 symptoms or itself is -isolating.

    In addition, landlords only have to give four months’ notice from June 1 to at least the end of September, instead of the six months that have been required since the start of the pandemic. After this period – i.e. probably from October 1 – the notice periods return to what they were before the pandemic, when landlords usually had to comply with a notice period of two months.

    As of June 1, there will still be some exceptions that do not require four months’ notice, including eviction for antisocial behavior (in which case landlords can give immediate or up to four weeks notice) or death by a tenant (two months in advance). The notice periods for cases with unpaid rent of four or more months are reduced to a notice period of two months from August 1st. All details can be found on

    Announcing the move, Pincher said, “As Covid restrictions are eased in line with the lockdown roadmap, we will ensure tenants continue to be supported with longer notice periods while offsetting the need for landlords to have access to Have justice. “

    Earlier this week the government announced plans to hold further consultations on the possible abolition of Section 21 evictions in England. Here, private landlords can vacate tenants after their fixed-term contract has ended without giving reasons.

    For more help on your rights as a tenant, see our 50+ Tips for Tenants and Coronavirus Finance and Bills Help.

    There are also bans on evacuating rental properties in Scotland and Wales

    Here is a brief summary of the current situation in the rest of the UK:

    • In scotland, A similar eviction ban has been extended to September 30 for anyone living in areas with Level 3 or 4 restrictions. However, this ban will be reviewed every 21 days, so it may end sooner. Most tenants must give six months’ notice.
    • In Wales, There is now a ban until June 30th. Most tenants must give six months’ notice.
    • In Northern IrelandThere is no eviction ban. The landlords have to adhere to a clearance period of 12 weeks by September 30th.


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