Research has shown that 92% of consultants have clients with mental health problems


    “There was also a higher incidence than the original research found that the mental health of a client’s family members affected the client’s financial decisions,” Lynde said. “Some felt financially responsible for a spouse or partner, son, daughter, grandchild or just a very good friend.

    “We also found that someone – a family member, spouse, or partner – could influence the client so that they were putting some kind of pressure on the client,” Lynde added. While 46% of consultants surveyed said they had a client who they believed was prone to financial abuse by the elderly, 31% said they had clients who they suspected were prone to excessive pressure Are spouses or partners.

    “That was a little alarming,” she said. “We didn’t recognize that in the first part of the research.”

    Bridgehouse has spoken to over 7,000 consultants, real estate professionals and attorneys about this, but Lynde said, “We really want the consultants to focus on doing this pre-intervention or prevention with the trusted contact.”

    In recent years, it has been shown that counselors feel that they do not need such a program to begin adopting it as society welcomes more conversations about mental health. Bridgehouse provides webcasts and printed information with a range of professionals and best practices that consultants can use to address the client’s situation.


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