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    The start of a new year often means New Year’s resolutions. For more and more people, this resolution revolves around the idea of ​​becoming financially independent. We love selling prints on Etsy and taking print classes here.

    Financial independence has many faces. You might want to get out of this credit card debt. Maybe you are looking for a way to get out of the job you hate. Maybe you just want to secure your financial future.

    Whatever drives you, a sideline can be what you are headed for. Can we suggest artwork if you are looking for a sideline?

    What is a printable?

    Let’s start with the basics. What is an expression?

    It is something that the customer can download and print from their home computer.

    Printouts can also be party games for bachelorette parties, baby showers, and birthday parties. These can be invitations, thank you cards or save-the-date cards. Printouts can be school worksheets, coloring pages, or activity sheets for kids.

    In other words, there are many options.

    Why are printouts a good sideline?

    So what makes selling hard copies a good sideline?

    For one, there is an easy learning curve. Once you’ve learned how to create a print template and upload it to a website like Etsy, you can repeat the process over and over.

    The other benefit of printables is that you don’t have to worry about sourcing a product, buying it, shipping it, and then storing its inventory until it’s sold … when it’s sold.

    Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money before you get started. The only investment you need to make before you start selling printables is investing your time.

    The most important characteristic of printouts, however, is that they can become a form of passive income. After you’ve uploaded your prints to a marketplace, there’s nothing else to do. You may need to monitor your sales, respond to customer questions, and occasionally tweak your marketing plan, but in the backend this isn’t as labor intensive as other side work.

    Can you make money with printing?

    The bonus is that printouts can be profitable.

    Millennial Boss founder Julie has made thousands of dollars selling printables on Etsy through her store, The Swag Elephant.

    It continues to increase its profits because it can keep the current inventory and expand it at no additional cost to it other than its investment of time.

    If you want to know how much money you can make selling on Etsy, see our previous post, How Much Money Can You Make Selling on Etsy?

    How do I create a print template?

    Before you can start selling any printouts, you must have printouts to sell. That means you have to create them.

    Below are the best printable courses currently available on the web.

    If you are serious about making artwork your part-time job, I suggest that you sign up for one of these courses before you begin.

    For the most part, the courses will walk you through everything from creating a printout to listing it online and marketing your prints to sell.

    Best printable courses

    1. E-Printables Side Hustle Course

    While searching for the best printable courses on the internet, I found several websites that say Gold City Ventures’ E-Printables Side Hustle Course is the best on the market.

    The writers of Debt Free Happens used the course to pay off $ 107,000 in debt in 33 months. You have created an overall assessment of the course, which you can find here. Debt Free Happens answers the question of whether this course is legitimate: «In short, it is perfectly legitimate, and I learned a lot from some of the unique bonus features that you will only find on this course.»

    Chloe from It’s Not Your 9 to 5 also took the class. She says, “A lot of printable courses focus mostly on the ‘creating artwork’ part, but little on the marketing side. After reading several reviews and asking around in Facebook groups, Gold City Ventures’ e-printables course turned out to be one of the best printables courses. «

    As The Multitasking Mom says, it was the speed of her store that sold her.

    «You could seriously have 12 entries created in a couple of hours by simply following the pre-made templates and adding your own design elements and style!» Writes The Multitasking Mom.

    The money hacking mom says she’s also a believer. She writes: “If you had told me a year ago what my life would be like today, I would have laughed in your face. Would I recommend this course? Absolutely! Where else can you invest $ 421 and get a return of 323X +? «

    In other words, don’t take my word for it. Take everyone else’s words too.

    The E-Printables Side Hustle Course includes video tutorials, templates, and customer support in case something goes wrong.

    2. Printouts by number

    The Printables by Number course was developed by blogger Suzi Whitford and focuses on teaching you how to make printouts using PowerPoint and Canva. Suzi also talks about the best print templates to create and includes several templates in her course to get you started.

    Suzi is no stranger to creating courses. She created a Blog by Numbers course to help out new bloggers.

    Fast Practical’s Neena has used Suzi’s courses before, and she’s a fan of the Printables by Number course.

    “Printables by Number is a great way to get started with creating printables for your blog. As a blogger, you can use a print template as a free lead magnet or create them as products for sale. But the printable itself has to be both helpful and attractive – if you want people to download it or buy it. This course can show you how to do that, ”writes Neena.

    3. Passive Income – How to Create Artwork to Sell on Etsy

    There are several Printable Courses available at Udemy, but the Residential Income – How to Make Printouts to Sell on Etsy course is the best of all.

    The course provides details on creating downloadable art designs that you can sell on Etsy. It contains videos and articles that teach you how to use free tools to create your artwork, and how to resize images for high quality printing options.

    The reason it’s lower on my list is because it only focuses on digital art prints and not other printable categories like worksheets, stickers, calendars, or party games.

    4. Printable business domination

    This is another highly rated printable course on Udemy that has had many students over the years. The reason it doesn’t get a higher ranking is because it doesn’t have the templates that the higher ranking courses have.

    Printable Business Mastery covers how to build your shop and improve the tags in your listings to help you optimize your traffic, but it’s not as comprehensive a course as the E-Printables Side Hustle course.

    5. Etsy Master Class

    I like Nancy Badillo’s Etsy Master Class because it has everything I need to start my print business on Etsy. The course includes how to make my prints and make sure they work with Etsy SEO. Nancy also offers worksheets, resources, and the occasional freebies.

    What holds me back is the price, but she often has sales.

    6. Easy to learn printouts

    The market for printed learning materials shows a lot of potential, especially in times of COVID, which is why the Easy Learning Printables course is so useful. During the course, Amy Harrop will show you how to “identify profitable printable learning topics and understand what consumers want” and how to sell them on sites like Etsy.

    If you are looking for a course that focuses on learning to print, this is probably your best bet.

    7. How to Start, Grow, and Market an Etsy Printables Shop

    In How To Start, Grow and Market An Etsy Printables Shop, Stephanie Leanne shows you how to create artwork without any graphic design experience and then market the items on Pinterest. While the basics are included in this Udemy course, one key component, SEO, is missing.

    Pinterest is a great marketing tool, but your best marketing tool is doing proper SEO in your Etsy listings. Other courses deal with this SEO and therefore have a better chance of producing sales results in the long run.

    8. Etsy 101: How to Sell Your Printable Quotes Online Using Etsy

    The Etsy 101: How to Sell Your Printable Quotes Online Using Etsy course may have moved higher on my list, besides being so incredibly niche. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to create printable quotes and then list them on Etsy.

    That’s it.

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