Sainsbury’s TU 25% off clothing | 2021 sales dates


Find out when the next TU 25% discount sale is in 2021 and how to get the best discounts on clothing for women, men and children, including school uniforms and items already on sale.

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Are there 25 of TU clothing at Sainsbury’s?

Sainsbury’s sells their clothing for women, men and children in store and online.

In addition to clothing, there are discounts on shoes and accessories during the 25% discount on the sale of TU clothing.

Better still, the sale also applies to school clothes and costumes (around October and World Book Day)!

Many of our community members stop by the TU clothing store in Sainsbury to get school supplies for children at the start of the school year.

The TU 25 discount happens a few times a year, but there are also 50% off and Black Friday deals.

Even when the main sales event isn’t on, there are usually a few little things you can find at discounted prices.

Argos TU clothing store – maybe a better way to shop

Clothing sales

Now Argos and Sainsbury’s are part of the same company; You can also get great deals on sales at Argos.

There are several reasons you might prefer TU clothing sales at Argos.

First, the next day you get a free click and collect with Argos, while you have to spend € 15 at Sainsbury’s to get a free click and collect.

Sainsbury’s does not allow you to redeem Nectar Points for TU clothing online. However, you can spend the points when you shop at Argos online.

You can still collect nectar points while shopping. Use our free nectar calculator to find out how much nectar points are worth.

When is the next Sainsbury’s TU clothing out on 25?

Although the sales dates are not announced in advance, we are given insider tips and secrets beforehand (thanks, dear ones).

We can also make good predictions about when the next one is based on previous sales dates.

Next estimated sales date for TU clothing:

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 – Monday, May 24, 2021

Canceled – Tuesday February 9, 2021 – Monday February 15, 2021

Sainsbury’s stores are not running on TU sales as expected in February to reduce the number of people shopping in the store.

Some stores may have a smaller 50% discount on women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and shoes, but this is limited.

A representative from our local store suggested that the next TU discount of 25% should only come after the lockdown restrictions were relaxed.

> Shop the TU sales at Sainsbury’s

> Buy the TU sales at Argos

Previous sales dates:

do sale

Wednesday, November 25th – Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 – This sale only applies to selected items.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 – Monday, October 26, 2020

Tuesday 11 August 2020 – Monday 17 August 2020 – Due to insufficient stocks, the 25% was reduced and only selected items were offered for sale.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 – May 25, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 – Monday, February 17, 2020

25 starts off at midnight?

50 off sale banners

If you’re more of an online shopper, you can guarantee that you will get the deals you want.

Selling starts online beforehand while you have to wait for the store to open to get a 25% discount on TU clothing sales.

As an additional tip, since everything sells so quickly, add something to your shopping cart the day before.

Then on the day of the sale the stuff is still there (discounted) and you can check out.

Who delivers TU clothing?

When you shop online, click and collect is free when you spend more than £ 15. You can pick up your bargain clothing at over 700 locations.

For delivery, you pay £ 3.95 for standard home delivery, which takes 3-5 days. If you need your clothes faster, you can pay £ 4.95 for next or named day delivery.

Can I return TU sales items?

Clothing purchased through TU comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can return or exchange items for free at a participating Sainsbury’s or Argos at a Sainsbury’s store.

You can also return the clothes by post, but you will have to pay £ 3.50 for the return postage which will be deducted from the refund amount. If something is wrong, you will not be charged the fee.

Quick top tips to get the best deal

TU clothing sales

To make sure you get the best deals on TU clothing sales 25 times:

  • Add clothes to your online shopping cart 1-2 days before sale. They are kept in your shopping cart and updated with the lower price on the day of sale
  • Use the SmartShop app to search for discount prices
  • Shop for free at Argos and click
  • Skin? Use your Nectar Points to buy on sale, but only from Argos
  • Work at Sainsbury? Colleagues receive an employee discount on the TU sales prices!
  • Plan early and get inexpensive out-of-season costumes
  • Get money back for your TU purchases through Quidco. Sign up for the Skint List newsletter and get access to £ 16 free cashback when you spend £ 10

Community feedback and TU ratings

The Reduce Your Supermarket Spend community loves good business and many of them can’t wait to sell the next 25 TU garments. Check out their feedback:

I got a completely new work wardrobe for £ 65 and also scored £ 15 worth of nectar points. Two tops I bought were £ 5 off 50%, then another 25% off. Bargain!


Got a Christmas jumper for my 3 year old, but the next size is 8 to 4 to 2.60 pounds.


It’s the best place for uniform and even better with 25% off. I took a pack of 2 joggers for 8 pounds, other places I checked out were 8 pounds just for a couple.


The best school shoes, depending on the size of your kids (the smallest size they have is a little 10 in my opinion), are treads. They have a 12 month warranty and they really last for 12 months. The customer service is excellent too – I had to use the warranty once (I’ve had around 6 pairs now) and they shipped a new pair straight away.


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