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    Birthdays, Christmas and other large celebrations can be a huge source of expense.

    While it can be fun to spend the money on people you love every now and then, handmade gifts can be the perfect step in between.

    Handmade gifts are something special. They take time and effort to create and are completely personalized. Handmade gifts can be as simple or extravagant as you like.

    You can take the time to source the parts slowly and spread the cost over several months. So that it stays inexpensive – and sweet.

    Thanks to the internet, we have access to a huge variety of ingredients and parts. From breathtaking dried flowers and essential oils to high quality resins and precious stones.

    Bath bombs

    While the bath bomb slowly floats through the bathroom, releasing essential oils and dried flowers or glitter and rainbow colors – your recipient will be delighted.

    Homemade bath bombs are complicated to make, and you can choose the type of ingredients you add to them.

    Instead of just doing one, you can do a few different variations – get feedback and you’ll know which to do next time!


    Vegan candles made from soy wax or the more traditional wax candles – you can make whatever you want.

    Candles are a very thoughtful gift, and they take a little time to perfect.

    You may need to make a few test candles to make sure you know how strong the scent is when you light it, and to make sure the essential oils and wax don’t split as you make them.

    Add a handwritten label with a unique fragrance name for that extra special touch.

    Room spritz

    If you’re giving a gift to a fragrance fanatic, a splash of space is perfect. Making a room fragrance spray isn’t too difficult.

    With just four elements, you can create something that will be used for months.

    You need to choose an essential oil or oils that complement each other, add the distilled water (add a note to shake before use), and a spray bottle!

    Combine the homemade candle and the room spray to make a complete gift set.

    Great room spray fragrances:

    • lavender
    • Citrus fruits
    • rosemary
    • peppermint
    • rose
    • jasmine

    If you start early enough, you can create multiple combinations and see which one you like the most. And you can give different baskets to several people.

    Utensils made of wood

    If you want to give a gift to a home cook, creating unique wooden utensils is a great idea.

    You need to buy the wooden items you want to personalize and a wood burner tool. It is highly recommended that you practice first so that you can perfect the art.

    Create samples or write a poem or their name.

    The great thing about this gift is that it immediately has an expensive rustic look and feel – at a super friendly price.

    If this is a lot of fun for you, you can use the tool on wooden bowls and cutting boards. Add a wicker basket of some homemade seasoning mixes and you have the perfect gift for a happy chef.


    If your recipient has a lot of art on the walls but is very picky about it, adding something unique is a great idea.

    If you know that some cities have their hearts, then create art with that in mind.

    Find photos of the city skyline and make your own version. or Create your own latitude and longitude art.

    Turn them into a work of art – even if you are not that good at drawing. Photoshop has some great preset actions that turn photos into paintings. Or, if you have an iPad, you can create them in a cartoon.

    Alternatively, you can find some of their favorite travel destinations and make word art using maps.


    If you happen to have some flower pots or old planters lying around, start an herb garden.

    It is best to grow the herbs yourself for a few months so that they are ripe when given.

    When you have a little extra cash to spare, buy some of the small live herb plants and arrange them in the pot.

    Cookies, cocoa and soup

    This is an excellent option when you have a lot of people to create gifts for. All you need are a few key ingredients, a recipe, and Kilner glasses.

    Dried beans, peas and herbs as well as spices keep very well in the glasses. Measure out each of the ingredients and add them to the saucepan.

    Create some recipe sheets that include information such as: B. Whether the pea or other dried ingredients might need to be soaked (although adding dried items that don’t need to be soaked is a better idea).

    You can follow the same procedure for cookies; Just remember that whenever you add chocolate chips, you need to keep them in a cool, dark place until it’s time to pass them.

    Coco doesn’t need such a big glass; This is ideal for smaller glass bottles. Add in the right amount of cocoa powder for a single cup, then add some goodies like marshmallows and chocolate chips. This one is a great one for kids.

    Personalized mugs and mugs

    Simple cups are relatively cheap to buy and combine with some ceramic pens; You can create a unique personalized mug!

    Write a quote or draw a doodle to make your gift recipient laugh every time they use the mug.

    Moscow Mule copper mugs are super trendy, and you can use a permanent marker designed to be used on glass and metal.

    You need to add a note to be careful when using the dishwasher! Sometimes this can wash away the personalization.

    If you’re having trouble with ink art and calligraphy, find a font you like online, print out the sheet, and use it as a template.

    Handmade gifts make everyone happy. They are small gifts that show someone how much you think of them and how much you care – without breaking the bank.

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