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How I scaled my business

First, I doubled down as a freelancer for a while. If someone came to my coaching, it was because they were already on fire and asked me to, but I wasn’t doing full-time coaching at the time because I didn’t know that I could scale the coaching to seven. Figurine shop.

Forget seven-digit or even six-digit numbers because I couldn’t close and didn’t know how to deal with objections. I was also really overwhelmed and not sure what I was doing. I went through a major rebrand, but instead of building my rebrand based on business tactics, I did my rebrand based on my coaching certification program.

That was a mistake because the coaching certification only teaches you coaching skills. They don’t teach you about branding, marketing, and sales. It was so stupid it had flames and all that crazy shit.

I surrendered and admitted that I could get a regular job. Then all of a sudden I got a few freelance gigs and doubled my income.

My good friend and best business friend LaDawn says, “There comes a moment when we have to say, OK God, I’m not lazy, you know, I’ll do the work, but I’ll hand it over to you. I need a roadmap here. “

When I realized I had to scale my business

At that point, I had made a name for myself in finance. When I tell you my hands clenched from the amount of writing I did; My hands clenched. I am not joking.

So I figured I needed a system, a process, but I wasn’t sure what that looked like or what that meant. I knew I had to hire someone to help me figure it out.

Although 2020 was a weird year for everyone, this morning my accountant told me not to worry because I always have money. And even if I don’t have any money, I’ll find it.

The guiding compass for me, the pace of my business, has always been geared towards doing new business. Many entrepreneurs, and even some established companies, miss this concept as they are distracted by the shiny bright object syndrome.

The importance of completing your sale

When I talk about closing I think there’s a different way men sell than women.

There’s no saying one is wrong and one is right, but there are gender elements that come into play.

Hiring a trainer: The biggest game changer for me

I hired a coach who I knew was good at systems and I knew her in finance. I understood that this is the help I needed to grow and scale my business. My brain is such a strategic thinker now. We work with clients in my system and work with our clients to create systems in their company that work for them.

Create a roadmap for a focused business system

When I first created Persuade to Profit, the course was a hot mess. My mentor took one look at it and said, what the hell is this? That’s like 800 modules long! Since I didn’t have roadmaps, my course was a disorganized mess. With a roadmap, I was able to optimize and focus on the learning goals and build an organized course.

Take the plunge when you want money to appear

Jump first and the money will appear! I realized this the second time I created Persuade for Profit. The opportunity fell into my lap.

I had made this visualization for the house I wanted to live in and I knew exactly what I wanted. And again I surrendered and let go of it. Five weeks later, I got a DM from the person who would be my roommate.

Watch out for business disconnect

A significant disruption that occurs in the business space is the mismatch between visualization and work. It would be best if you had a mix and balance between the two in order to succeed in your endeavors.

You need to know what you want or want in your life and the business resources will come with you. But what happens a lot in the online coaching arena is focusing solely on the vision and desire that the work be left to the curb.

So how do you combine vision and action?

I started experimenting with visions and working to find the right balance. Visualization, yoga, chakras. What the hell? A whole world opened up to me! And I think for me the scary part was that I was raised Catholic and I wasn’t sure if that was okay. It wasn’t even business related. It was more like my own weird relationship with religion. I didn’t even think about it, but I discovered that meditation always kept me in check.

I practice visualization every morning as it keeps me in check and puts me in good energy. That helped me, especially when things get complicated.

We tend to have good seizures, but that’s because of the energy I’ve spent. I decide what damn energy I use to lead, and then that attracts the right customers. I trained my sales team yesterday and I think you step in with authority? Are you doing it right Are you just accepting the sale? Do you assume you are making money today? Do you think you are speaking to the right people today?

Sell ​​like a hunter

There is a difference between hunters and gatherers, and you have to sell a team of hunters. Please don’t wait for you to give them tools as they don’t wait for you to tell them when the club is up. I’m not even waiting for you to raise your hand. No, you need to know what my goal is that is getting out of my way.

Speak it out, especially because you have online programs and you are an online coach, people might say, but you are way more than that. How do you go down that fine line of digital marketing needs?

With any sale, but especially online marketing, you need to build a relationship with traditional selling by being liked, finding common ground, and building trust. I was talking to someone who’s a financial advisor the other day and the way their company set it up is a coffee chat and then they have the actual sales call and I think damn it!

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