Schroders: More evidence is needed that sustainability equals return


    The research by the global wealth management company found that 55% of the 23,000 surveyed investors from 33 countries attached more importance to environmental issues and 57% to social issues since the beginning of the pandemic.

    Demanding evidence

    But the question of the returns that responsible investing is expected to improve remains a major investor concern. They just want evidence.

    More than half of respondents said they would be encouraged to increase their allocation to ESG assets if they had data and other evidence that sustainable investing provides better returns.

    However, while 52% of respondents saw the environmental impact of investing in sustainability as the most attractive factor before moving towards social policy (39%), only 38% believe there is an opportunity for better returns.

    “As investors and custodians of our clients’ wealth, we seek to actively influence corporate behavior so that the companies we invest in are sustainable and resilient,” said Andy Howard, Global Head of Sustainable Investments at Schroders. “At the same time, despite this larger profile, there is still a lot more to do for asset managers to show investors that a sustainable approach does not have to forego returns. In fact, we see sustainable value creation as inextricably linked with successfully mastering social and ecological challenges. “


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