See if a meter can save you € 100 on your water bill


    Wonder if you have more or the same number of bedrooms as people in your home

    When it comes to water meters, Martin says his rule of thumb is to ask yourself, “Do you have more or as many bedrooms in your house as there are people?”

    If you do, you can save money by installing a water meter, which is free in England and Wales. This is because water bills are usually based on the “taxable value” of your home. The bigger it is, the more you pay. In comparison, the bill for a meter simply depends on how much water is being used. So the fewer people, the less is used – and the lower the bill.

    Martin suggested that viewers use the Consumer Council for Water’s free calculator to see if and how much they could save. He added, “If they do [your water company] Assuming you cannot have a meter installed, you can charge a so-called flat fee that is roughly what you would pay for a water meter. And if that’s cheaper than water prices, then it’s definitely a winner there. “

    Many have saved € 100 by buying a water meter

    Martin’s co-host Angellica Bell spoke of several success stories in which households had saved money by buying a water meter. She said, “Well, Martin, you talked about water meters in January and we’ve had so many successes since then, people who have saved hundreds and hundreds of pounds.”

    Angellica described how a viewer named Debbie contacted the show on social media to say that switching to a water meter had saved her £ 402 a year:


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