‘She has overcome incredible adversity’ | Wealth Professional


    Another lesson she learned from her mother was how to let go of judgment. Throughout her career in dealing with clients from all socioeconomic backgrounds, Chung has found that people generally feel a sense of concern, doubt, and insecurity that is worsened when they compare themselves to others. The ability to listen and receive people with empathy, rather than adding to the frustration and shame they may already be feeling, is something she considers important throughout her career.

    “My mother always made it clear to us that we had great gifts and that other people have different,” said Chung. “It is our responsibility to share what we have with other people, and others share the gifts they have with us. We have learned to be responsible not only for ourselves but also for each other and our larger community. “

    To this day, Chung has taken this lesson to heart. She has passed on the gifts of her family values ​​to her 25 year old son; Although he has shown no interest in becoming a financial planner himself, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and attitude towards money with his own friends and colleagues.

    In both of the companies she leads, she seeks to have a positive impact on her team members, most of whom are parents with school-age children. In a broader sense, she believes in the importance of promoting financial literacy and awareness in society – one reason she is a brand ambassador for FP Canada, an organization that provides financial planners with professional education, practice support tools, and other resources – and like charities also believes that the process should start at home.

    “If you want to improve not only financial literacy but also practical use of financial information, you have to start with mothers,” Chung said. “The more support and information you give to the people who mean so much in our society and are so influential at home, the better you can shape society and bring about this change in a generation.”


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