Should you spend $ 15,000 on a Hyatt Card for a second certificate for a free night?


The World of Hyatt credit card offers some valuable frequent traveler benefits, including a free night at a participating hotel or resort that you earn every year on the occasion of your anniversary as a card member. However, you can earn a second free night every year which is $ 15,000 on the card.

So should you go for that second night off? To help you decide, look at the full value you’ll get for spending that $ 15,000 – not just that free night. Then you can see if you’d do better by putting those expenses on another card.

Things to watch out for

The bonus spending categories

The World of Hyatt credit card pays World of Hyatt points for every dollar you spend, but some purchases pay more points than others.

  • 4x points at Hyatt properties.

  • 2x points for restaurants, flights, gym membership as well as local transport and commuting.

  • 1x point on all other purchases after the first six months of card membership.

The points bonus for the sixth month

In the first six months of your card membership, you will receive 2x points for up to $ 15,000 in these 1x categories, making it easier to reduce the value of your expenses.

This is in addition to the card’s welcome bonus: Earn 30,000 bonus points after spending $ 3,000 on purchases in the first three months of opening your account. Plus, earn up to 30,000 additional bonus points by earning a total of 2 bonus points for every $ 1 spent on purchases that normally earn 1 bonus point, up to $ 15,000, in the first 6 months after the account was opened.

So while you earn a second Hyatt Free Night Award, you’ll earn at least 15,000 World of Hyatt points (at one point for every dollar spent). If you hit $ 15,000 in the first six months, you’ll earn at least 30,000 points (2 points for every dollar spent for that period). Spend the full $ 15,000 at Hyatt hotels and earn 60,000 points for your spend (4 points for every dollar spent).

Nerdy tip: To put these points in perspective, you can book a night at a Category 1 hotel for 5,000 World of Hyatt points. A night in category 4 costs 15,000 points. And a night in a first-class category 8 hotel costs 40,000 points. So the points you earn on the way to your second free night credit can add up to some great hotel stays.

Add up the points you earn in the bonus spending categories. If they give you oversized value beyond the free night, it might be worth making that $ 15,000 expense.

Elite night credits

For every $ 5,000 spent on the card, card members receive two elite night credits for the next tier. So while you’re spending to earn a second free night, you’ll also earn six Elite Night Credits.

As you advance to the next level of elite status with these credits, you will earn even more World of Hyatt points on paid hotel stays, further accelerating the value you receive.

Discoverist status

Card members automatically receive Discoverist Elite status in World of Hyatt. Benefits for this tier include free premium internet and daily mineral water. Earn 5 basis points for every eligible $ 1 spent at Hyatt hotels plus 10% bonus points on all eligible purchases. Depending on availability, Discoverist members can also check out late at 2:00 p.m. and upgrade to a preferred room within the type of room you have booked.

Without the card, members can earn the Discoverist level by:

  • Schedule three qualifying events at a Hyatt hotel.

  • hold the World of Hyatt credit card.

2021 Elite Status Program Changes

The World of Hyatt has halved its Earning Status requirements for 2021 – this means it’s easier to achieve Discoverist status. Members must stay five nights and earn 12,500 points to enter the leaderboard this year.

Adjust your options

The big question, however, remains: Would $ 15,000 better be spent on another credit card? The answer depends on what other cards you have and how much you typically spend on them.

For example, if you use a 1% Cashback Earning Card, you can get $ 150 back to $ 15,000. Double that when the card earns 2% cashback.

Compare that to the value you get with that World of Hyatt credit card. When you charge $ 15,000 on this card, you will receive the Free Night Award and at least 15,000 World of Hyatt points. NerdWallet awards Hyatt points at2 cents everyone.

Nerdy tip: Award stays can be especially valuable during vacations or special occasions as cash stays are more expensive at these times.

Sample booking

To see how much value you can get out of your rewards, we looked at a New Orleans hotel during Carnival that was close enough to go to the festivities. The Eliza Jane in New Orleans is just a few blocks from the French Quarter. Pay cash and stay two nights and get almost $ 700 back.

However, when you use your Free Night Reward and the 15,000 points you earned chasing a second Free Night Reward, you not only cover the room charges, but the additional taxes and fees that can add up very quickly.

In this case, you will receive $ 700 worth of perks earned by spending $ 15,000. That’s way better than making $ 150 or $ 300 with a cashback card. The value may be lower depending on where and when you redeem your Hyatt Awards.

The final result

Even after your first year of membership, the World of Hyatt credit card. So if you want to spend the $ 15,000 in your sophomore year and beyond, do the value calculations based on your travel plans.

Do you see a vacation in your future in which you can use a hotel of categories 1 to 4 and the 15,000 points? In this case, using this credit card instead of another for your daily expenses with the aim of earning that extra free night usually makes sense, especially when combined with the extra World of Hyatt points you earn along the way.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our tips for that best travel credit cards of 2021including the best for:


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