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    After the recent (and ongoing) mishap with Facebook basically hiding all of our posts from all of you, we decided to head out and explore other social media channels and creative ways to keep you informed about the To inform offers that we publish every day.

    Our desire is to always serve you as well as we can, and one thing that many of you have repeatedly asked for is that we can text you every time we post a special offer. We used to have this opportunity through Twitter, but then they dropped that program.

    Until this week we thought there was no way to send notifications to your phone unless we paid a really exorbitant amount of money for it – and that really doesn’t fit our savings philosophy!

    But I’m so excited to announce that we’ve found a way to do this through a messaging app called telegram!

    It’s a super simple and basic app – and it’s FREE! Best of all, as long as you have notifications turned on, you don’t even need to check the app. All deal notifications will appear right on your phone when we post them. This way you don’t miss out on an offer because it sells out before you can take advantage of it!

    How to Sign Up (and Never Miss a Deal Again)

    If you want to be notified every time one of our hottest deals goes live and not have to wonder if or when you see our deals, follow these simple steps below:

    1. Download the Telegram app – it’s free! (Apple users click here and Android users click here.)

    2. Open the app and click Start Messaging.

    3. Enter your name and phone number.

    4. A security code will be sent to you via SMS. Copy the code and paste it into the security code field when prompted.

    5. Click this link on your phone to join our Telegram channel. Once you download the app and click this link on a mobile device, our channel will open in your app.

    6. Click the Join text at the bottom of the screen. You have now subscribed to our channel!

    7. Make sure notifications are enabled for our channel, so that you are notified of every offer we post. Just make sure to allow notifications if the app asks you to after signing in. You can also check if the channel notifications are enabled by going to the settings at the bottom of the screen, then Notifications and Sounds, then channels.

    If you’ve done everything right, you should see notifications every time we share a deal on Telegram – just like the image above! See the offer appear on your phone’s home screen?! You’ll never miss a time-sensitive deal again!!

    Note: If you later decide that you’re getting too many notifications throughout the day, you’ll have the option to mute them or customize how specifically you want to be notified so that you’re subscribed to our channel and don’t miss any offers. You will always get a visual notification within the app as seen in the image above.

    What is Telegram?

    telegram is a messaging app that allows us to create our own private channel just for our readers! And we are very happy about it! Here’s why…

    1. No algorithms! All other social media platforms you use to follow MoneySaving.comMom rely on confusing algorithms that hide 90% of our posts from you. That means if you rely on social media to see our deals every day, you’re missing out on 90% of the hottest deals we post every day! Telegram does not use algorithms as it is a messaging app. You can choose how and when to be notified of our offers throughout the day!

    2. Simplicity. We wanted a super easy way to allow our readers to subscribe to our offers and be notified when they go live. And that’s a great solution for us – and for all of you! It’s really easy to sign up and get started.

    3. Instant notifications. We’ve heard from SO many of you saying you miss out on offers due to delays on social media or email newsletters. When you see the deal, it’s already expired. If you follow our channel on Telegram you will be notified of every single HOT deal we post throughout the day as soon as it goes live so you never miss a deal again! (And you can choose how you’re notified – sound, badge, banner on your phone screen, etc.)

    That’s it!! Thank you for joining us on Telegram! We can’t wait to bring you the HOTTEST offers every day!

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