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    When money is tight, the idea of ​​a date can be the last thing on your mind. With easy planning and a very low cost, here are some great home date ideas.

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    When money is tight, the idea of ​​a date can be the last thing on your mind. With simple planning and a very low cost, you can have a date at home.

    Do you feel neglected in your relationship? Does your partner feel any worse this way?

    Skint Mum and I feel that way a lot.

    With the kids and work, we really don’t have much time for each other.

    When dinner is ready and the children are bathed and in bed, we just want to go to bed, to sleep.

    At the weekend we plunge into the fun world of children.

    We don’t stop until late Sunday night if you’ve guessed it, we just want to sleep – please!

    We’d probably have more relationship if we were online dating instead of living in the same house!

    So what did we decide to do about it?

    Yes, you probably guessed it: we’ll be reserving a couple of nights a month for the date.

    We don’t even want something extremely fancy, just a little time together.

    Below is our guide to home date ideas.

    Home date ideas

    Whether you’re looking for fun new parenting date ideas or couple date ideas, there are many ways to have a romantic date at home.

    Leave the TV remote alone, you don’t need Netflix – that’s what you want to do with your time.

    Prepare steady cooking night

    Do you remember the old cooking show?

    Instead of going out and buying ingredients specifically for the home date, just use what you already have.

    Pick 5 ingredients at a time and then come up with something fun.

    Even if the food is terrible, you will have a lot of fun creating something unique!

    Have an indoor picnic

    Picnic is all about being in the park.

    You can have a fun date at home with a rug on the floor.

    Not only does this mean you don’t have to go out (when the kids are already in bed), but you also don’t have to worry about the weather.


    Avoid the muddy floors and challenge your partner to bake off.

    Establish rules in advance so that you can evaluate each other’s creations.

    Wine tasting

    Buy a few different bottles of wine (even the smaller ones). Instead of just drinking them, educate yourself about different grapes and tasting notes.

    There are even places where you can get wine tasting kits at home.

    Do a workout

    Instead of going to the gym to take a class with your partner, work out on YouTube.

    There are tons of different workouts for doing a cardio workout in your living room.

    Online yoga class

    If an intense exercise is too much for you, try relaxing yoga instead.

    There are tons of videos online here too.

    Get artistic

    Take a brush and canvas and start painting.

    You could try a still life or even a life model for each other!

    Have a spa at home

    Bring the spa into your home for a fun date idea.

    Get fluffy slippers and a dressing gown, then enjoy cheap face masks and a bubble bath.

    You can also offer each other a massage.

    Imagine you are a millionaire

    For fun at home date night ideas why not pretend you are a millionaire for the evening.

    Imagine you had a million, two, or even twenty million pounds to spend, then make a list of what you would do with it.

    Go to RightMove and start a property search – are you going to blow your entire budget on a new home?

    Enjoy a game night

    Get the board games out and enjoy a few hours of competition with each other.

    Some of our favorites are Monopoly Deal or just playing cards like Bridge or Rummy.

    Tips for the stay at home date


    Plan the night ahead. Don’t wake up on a Saturday morning and think, “Oh, let’s go on a date tonight!”

    I promise you this will not turn out the way you expected. Without planning, there will be disorganization, hectic rush and stress. If you plan ahead, you also have something to look forward to.

    Set a time for the children to go to bed and let them know what time it will be.

    # SkintDad tip: Tell the children that when they are good and go to bed, “Santa is coming for Christmas,” and maybe leave some presents when they go to sleep. It always works for us ;-)

    If you have friends or family who usually drop by unexpectedly, let them know that you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed. The last thing you want is for the mother-in-law to catch you on the sofa with the baby oil.


    Since it’s a date night, it’s nice to have the kids eat at a normal time and eat more “adults” later. What I suggest against cooking multiple meals is batch cooking a week. Even better, you could invest in a slow cooker and save even more money on cooking.

    Now that you’ve decided what the kids are going to eat, it’s time to decide what you and the other half are going to eat.

    Well, if you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I make fakeaways for less than £ 5 and would stick with what I know for date night. While you or the other half get the children ready for bed, the other half can prepare a romantic, cheap feast in the kitchen.

    # SkintDad tip: Prepare as much earlier in the day as possible so that cooking is about actually cooking, rather than doing all of the hard work. Oh, and save yourself washing up until morning. It really won’t hurt.

    Finally, if you can, move the dining table. We have a small table that can be easily moved so that the table is pushed to the center of the room at night. The space around us makes a really different, almost restaurant-like feel.


    There are a number of different things you can do to change the mindset and mood of your home for the date.

    Music: We like to listen to music on the radio, but when it comes to date night we will switch the station to something else, which in turn changes the mood.

    Lighting: Turn off the main light and use a weak lamp. Or just turn them off completely when you’re watching a movie on the sofa. Even better, if you have candles, light them instead.

    # SkintDad tip: Put the candles in the freezer the day before you use them to make them last twice as long!


    Confuse what you do on a date night or you could end up wasting two hours in front of the TV watching CBBC without realizing it just because you forgot to turn it off.

    Not that I did that …

    Sit across the table, share a bottle of wine and just talk, borrow a non-Disney DVD, grab a game of cards and play / learn poker, get out towels and massage oils and turn your living room into a spa.

    There are so many different things you can do.

    Whatever you want to do, just try not to overdo it. Waking up after a few too many drinks and too little sleep is never easy with lively children who undoubtedly get up extra early on the weekend (I know I do) and when both parents have “headaches” it is even more difficult.

    Make sure you spend time together.

    Remember, before the kids and the jobs and the house, it was just the two of you, enjoying each other’s company.

    Do you have date nights at home? What kind of things are you doing Keep it clean !!! ;-)

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