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..I recently found a local Buy Nothing Facebook group. The concept is to ask and give things for free. Your mission is:

We offer people the opportunity to give and receive, share, bestow and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyperlocal gift economies where real wealth is the web of connections between people who are real neighbors.

Our local administrator keeps telling people to ask about things they would otherwise buy this week. And many, mostly women, post their purges at home.

I love the concept and have used it myself several times lately to get rid of things. If you don’t want to take the time to sell or donate things, this is a great alternative.

One of the things I’m doing as one of my “chores” this month is going from room to room removing things we don’t need AND decorating a bit. I don’t decorate like when buying things, but find a place for things and make them look more organized and presentable here.

As much as the rooms and residents in this house have moved, it has become a bit like a Modge Podge. I will create order and even a da of normality …

And I’ll be using the Buy Nothing group to deal with the cleanup! Does anyone else get the itchy spring cleaning and start clearing cupboards and drawers?

Not a heavy lift to help others

Another thing I like about the group is that they always ask for help for people in need. And frankly, having a large community of people makes it an easy elevator to help many people without being burdened. There are often shopping bags to fill or clothing needs.

Do you have a Buy Nothing group near you? Or a similar service to help others AND make it easier for them to give and receive the items they need?


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