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From Iona Bain

Release Date: March 16, 2021: TODAY!

“What I propose in this book is that the younger generations can and MUST use their amazing potential to give the world of money the kick it needs.”
– Iona Bain

Low wages, high house prices, no rewards for saving and the disastrous consequences of Covid-19 … young people have had a tough ride.

Own it! Iona Bain, the UK’s leading expert on millennial money, will help young people own their financial futures once and for all. It exposes that investing is only for city boys in shiny shoes, and proves that anyone can invest with the right knowledge.

Own it! is divided into two parts – the why and the how. Part 1 speaks in favor of investing even (or especially!) In uncertain times like these and why readers need to prepare their finances for them. Iona
discussed two big investments – your first home and company pension.

In Part 2, Iona moves on to the “how”, charting the history of investing and analyzing the different types of investment technologies available today. The book reveals the truth about the so-called must-buy
Investing (Facebook! Bitcoin! Forex!) Before suggesting any really effective ways to navigate the markets.

With its fun and approachable tone, Own It! will help younger generations demystify savings, pensions and investments. Iona provides an overview of things like robo-advisor, auto-registration, and
investing green while being warned of potential dangers, such as trying to be seduced into the risky world of forex by glamorous Instagram influencers.

About the author

Iona Bain is one of the best-known financial journalists in the broadcast media today. She speaks and presents frequently on television and radio. Iona founded the pioneering Young Money Blog in 2011 and has been the UK’s go-to place for young personal finance ever since. She has presented special editions for Radio 4’s Moneybox program on topics such as financial education and fraud
She is a regular expert on BBC News and recently became a Money Hacker on Radio 1, where she advises young listeners on the station’s flagship advisory program, Life Hacks. She joined economist Paul Johnson on a special four-part Radio 4 series, ‘The Austerity Audit’ in 2020. Other appearances were Question Time, Newsnight, ITV Tonight and Woman’s Hour.

Iona knows firsthand how daunting it can be to take that first big step in understanding your money, what it does in the real economy, and how to use it over the long term
Potential to increase your own wealth. Iona describes her own financial wake-up call in introducing Own It !:

“I was a musician in my early 20s (I know, right?) And back then I thought money was boring and grubby. But one night everything changed. I worked as a pianist in a bar in Glasgow … I put the money in a piggy bank and kept it in my parents’ house in Edinburgh, where I lived, to save money. That fateful evening, my parents and I came home only to find that the house had been broken into. Guess what was missing? Mr. Piggybank – and the £ 500 I’d put in him over six months. I was gutted. It was only when a police officer came to take a statement from me and I informed him, embarrassed, that as an adult 23-year-old woman I was keeping my money in a piggy bank that was only suitable for an eight-year-old that I decided that the Had to change things. A few months later I started the Young Money blog. “

Own it! is the trustworthy, dependable companion young people need to guide them through the maze of modern investing, born out of Iona’s belief that young people have an incredible chance to truly own their financial future after Covid. While other books pretend there’s an easy, smooth way away from the unpredictable, rocky nature of investing, Own It! admits that there is no way around the investing roller coaster: everyone just has to get on, stay strapped in, and try to enjoy the ride.



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