Step-by-step plan for creating a content marketing strategy


Content marketing strategy template

I will walk you through creating an effective content marketing strategy in this template.

# 1 – foundation

Before creating your own content marketing strategy, there are some basic information you need to start with about your content:

  • Who are you creating content for? (become specific)

  • What problem will you solve with your content?

  • How did you solve this problem?

  • How can you share your personal experience and knowledge?

  • What is the goal of your content?

# 2 – type of content

Decide what type of content you want to create.

  • blog entry

  • Video

  • Podcast

  • Live broadcast

What will your main form of content be? This is your starting point and the source of all other content you share. If you’re not sure, think about how your target audience likes to consume content. Or consider which form is the easiest for you to create.

If you absolutely hate creating video content, don’t choose this as your main source. You will end up hesitating because it feels like a difficult task to complete.

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# 3 – content outlets

Most people make the mistake of showing up online all over the place. This leads to burnout.

Establish a strategy for where and how often you will show up.

  • What platforms will you be promoting your content on?

  • How often will you post on each platform?

  • How often will you email your list?

Track the progress you are making with your content on the platforms you choose so you can see how effective it is for growing your business.

What metrics can you track?

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# 4 – Create a weekly content calendar

Once you know where you’re headed, you’ll want to take the time to create a weekly content calendar. I want to have an aerial view of the content I’m posting for the month, but I want to go a step further and have a detailed view of it for my week to come.

Every day, this leads me to see what content I need to share and when.

For example:

Monday – blog post, Insta story: Share 3 tips from the post, pin new post

Tuesday – Email blog post to the list with a link to read the full article

Wednesday – Instagram feed: New blog post, Insta story: Poll ask who has read the post

Thursday – Fresh pin pictures for the blog post

Friday – Insta story: mini workout recapitulating a new blog post

# 5 – conversion

This is one of the most important parts of any content marketing strategy. I showed you a little of this in the previous example, but reuse happens when you reuse content that has already been created.

So in the example above, you’re not creating new content every day of the week. You take the 1 new content you created and use it again to promote it all week.

It will help you save a ton of time and extend the life of your content.

There are so many different ways in which you can reuse your content. However, to get started you need to make them your own.

I like to follow a specific workflow for my content. Read all about creating a blog post template here to save time.

For example, a change of use could look like this:

  1. Post a new YouTube video

  2. Transcribe a video to create a blog post

  3. Summarize it in the email newsletter

  4. Drag quotes from the video to share on Instagram

  5. Share 3 tips from the video in Instagram story

You start with top content and multiply it by repurposing parts of it on your social platforms.

Think about how you share content now. What works well What is not working well? Create a plan for repurposing to save time creating new content.

That way, you can drastically reduce the amount of new content you have to produce each month.

Read more about: How to reuse content.

Make sure you download a FREE copy of my content roadmap Not only does this help you become consistent with your content, it also helps you grow your audience!


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