Students are urged to apply now for university funding if they want to get a place at university via “clearing” – do not wait for your Abitur results


    It can take six to eight weeks for the SLC, which manages tuition and maintenance loan applications for English and Welsh students, to approve new applications or amendments to existing ones. Hence, she urges people to apply or make changes as soon as possible – even if they are not sure which course they are going to take. The alert comes in less than two weeks by A-Level Results Day on August 10th.

    If you apply now, you can get your funding as soon as possible to the start of the semester, the SLC said, adding that you can update your online application later once you know exactly what degree you’re studying and where you might live. According to the SLC, the application process only takes about 30 minutes and you can initially use your first elective course.

    The Scottish Students Awards Agency has also urged those in Scotland who have not yet applied for funding to do so as soon as possible, while the Northern Ireland Student Fund is reminding Northern Irish students that they too do not have a confirmed study place at. require university to submit an application for funding.

    For more important information about student finance, check out our Mythbusting Guide to Student Loans.

    How to apply for student funding

    If you think you will be attending a university or college this academic year, it is best to apply as soon as possible – although now there is no guarantee that you will get the full amount you are entitled to before the semester starts the longer you leave it, the longer the potential delay.

    The application process or the associated upfront fees have no effect on your credit file. So it doesn’t matter if you change your mind later and abandon the process before your funding is approved.

    How to apply depending on where you normally live in the UK (not where you will be studying):

    • In England, you can apply via the Student Finance website. The SLC has also created a new guide for students wishing to go through clearing, with additional information, including steps you can take to ensure your application is processed quickly.
    • In Northern Ireland, you can apply and get help through the Student Finance Northern Ireland website.
    • In Scotland, you can apply through the Students Awards Agency website. The website provides instructions on what you will need.
    • In Wales, you can also apply via the Student Finance website. Student Finance Wales also has a dedicated guide for students going through clearing.


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