Success story of succession planning: Too good not to grow


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    Jan Earley began her career as a secretary for a national broadcaster more than 35 years ago. It wasn’t long before she realized that she wanted to become a counselor herself. When a vacancy came up, she told her boss that she wanted to be considered. It was passed over and the job was given to the next man who applied.

    Earley eventually decided to study for the Series 7 exam in her spare time. With her Series 7 and 63, she was hired as a financial advisor at another company. In no time she became the top producer in Tucson – male or female – and has been smashing the glass ceiling ever since.

    After much success in the business, Earley decided to go into business for himself. In 2005 she formed the Presidio Group’s wealth management team and joined the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (WFAFN). Their reputation for taking care of their clients has resulted in Presidio becoming one of the top investment practices in the Tucson area.

    “Customers can go anywhere to invest their money,” Earley said. “I don’t think everyone cares about their customers the way we do. At Presidio, we are customer-centric and do our best to not only take care of their money, but also the person and their family. “

    This culture was so appealing to Ryan Thompson that after 11 years as Regional Director for Pacific North for WFAFN, he left that position and joined Earley’s team.

    In 2018, Earley began considering retirement and was looking for someone to come on board and do the practice for them. Thompson was one of her points of contact with WFAFN, helping her host potential games. Earley didn’t find a good match with the candidates and eventually asked Thompson if he would be interested in buying his way into the store, knowing how much he cared about Presidio.

    Thompson’s plan is to help Presidio grow while maintaining the culture that Earley established. Since Thompson joined the group, the practice has already added locations outside of San Francisco and in Chico, California with no plans to stop there.

    “We want to be a growth engine and bring the Presidio culture to consultants in the US,” said Thompson. “We’re not just running a business. We want to build a company with the Presidio culture and brand. The size of the company allows consultants to focus on their clients while taking advantage of the consistency and support Presidio can provide on issues such as marketing and monitoring. “

    Since Presidio has been part of WFAFN for nearly 15 years, Earley and her colleagues were able to get any outside assistance they needed.

    “The help we received from WFAFN has been great,” Earley said. “Our surveillance audits have always been clean and one reason is the supervision that WFAFN provided.”

    WFAFN has also given Earley – and now Thompson – the freedom to run Presidio as they envision.

    “For 11 years, I campaigned for people to join the WFAFN and become business owners so they could be their own boss,” concluded Thompson. “Now I’m on the other side of the table and I can help Presidio build its business and take full advantage of the freedom that WFAFN offers its advisors.”

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