Summary of Donations to Charity (Part 2)


    Charity Fundraising (Part 2)

    Employer charitable matching programs may oversize your donation

    by Scott Monk, Charis Legacy Partners

    At Charis Legacy Partners, our charitable legacy planning involves creating a comprehensive financial plan that includes thoughtful strategies for steer, estate planning, investment management and cash flow, but we also try not to overlook the obvious. While there are a plethora of potential strategies you can use to increase the impact of your charitable giving, there are also some simple and efficient ways, perhaps none more so than employer charitable matching programs.

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    Manage your gifts for tax purposes

    by Joe Morgan, Best Financial Life

    We don’t usually think about managing gifts for tax purposes, but when you start thinking about how you want to share your wealth, it becomes very important.

    There are two types of gifts I am thinking of here, charity and the gifts to your heirs.

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    The charitable planning mindset

    by Scott Monk, Charis Legacy Partners

    When a charitable legacy is a financial priority, you may think the best way to maximize your charitable giving is to simply increase your giving, but a charitable planning mindset is long-term. This mindset is about maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your charitable donation. In some cases, this may mean increasing your charitable giving, but in others it may mean reducing your charitable giving to pay down debt, pooling your giving, taking advantage of charitable matching programs use by the employer, etc.

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    A Donor Advised Fund makes the most of your charitable donations

    by Scott Monk, Charis Legacy Partners

    I have previously written about the potential benefits of donate valued securities instead of cash (you can claim a charity tax deduction while avoiding capital gains tax on the securities you donate), but there is more than one way to donate securities. While most charities have brokerage accounts into which they can have prized securities donated, other option is a Donor Advisory Fund (DAF).

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    Can Charitable Bunching Lower Your Taxes?

    by Scott Monk, Charis Legacy Partners

    Because we file taxes annually, we often think about our finances year-on-year—our income, our deductions, our charitable donations, etc. The problem is that when we completely isolate individual years, we’re missing out possible strategies to limit our tax burden, especially when it comes to charitable donations. One such strategy is charitable bundling.

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