Summary of portfolio activity 2020 and target 2021


Summary of portfolio activity 2020 and target 2021

Summary of portfolio activity 2020 and target 2021

Hello everybody

I wish I had written a post every year to really analyze how the plan is going. How much we invest. Where did we land and what is the plan for the next year? This is that post.

2020 was a different year to say the least, market falling and falling, selling! to sell! To sell! and then today – buy it! To buy! To buy! Who would have thought all of these things would happen in 2020? Covid, lockdowns, protest after protest. Such a divided world, but with vaccines in the picture a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Getting back to normal will be a slow process, but we’ll see it by the end of 2021.

2020 was a good year for our investments, the portfolio did well but also suffered some dividend cuts. We put in a lot of new capital throughout the year and messed up the portfolio a little. While there is still some work to be done, it is still a work in progress and I think the portfolio looks better today than it did in early 2020.

This is a recap of portfolio activity in 2020.

Stock sale in 2020

Share & number of sharesShare price when sellingGet total capital
31 CVS71.692,212.39
98 Emera47.164,611.73
30 altagas16.60488.05
36 Brookfield Renewable Corp.77.372,769.61

We kept the money from the Emera sale for emergency funds during the initial lockdown when we were not working. We now keep $ 5,000 in our slush fund at all times. CVS and Altagas were positions that I didn’t really see wanting to grow and they were small positions so I sold them. BEPC was sold because it was a spin-off and I already have enough renewable stream fields. All remaining capital other than the Emera sale has been reinvested – $ 5,470.05

US stock purchases

Number of shares and which sharesPrice per shareInvested capital
10 IBM147.021,480.15
21 Abbvie93.941,982.89
13 JNJ149.711,956.30
10 3M147.781,487.80
10 Disney115.891,168.85
10 JNJ145.791,467.94
10 JNJ147.371,483.65
5 Microsoft210.371,061.84
7 Microsoft216.071,522.49
10 JNJ149.631,506.25

In total, we invested USD 15,118.09 in USD if we convert this to Canadian dollars at today’s exchange rate. We invested $ 19,252.88 in American stocks in 2020. All of these stocks come at a higher price apart from buying Microsoft and buying IBM. One of my goals in 2020 was to start and expand our positions in JNJ and 3M. I definitely enjoy having them in my portfolio and plan to grow these position sizes further in 2021.

Canadian share purchases

Number of shares and which sharesPrice per shareInvested capital
45 Smart Center27.971,268.60
48 Smart Center21.211,028.03
65 Smart Center15.17996.00
15 CNR117.981,779.65
39 Enbridge36.291,425.26
22 nutria58.311,292.77
50 Telus22.991,159.45
15 BMO67.671,025.00
15 Restaurant Brands International74.501,127.45
64 Algonquin Power17.161,108.19
29 Restaurant Brands International72.802,121.15
21 Restaurant Brands International71.411,509.56
71 Tc energy55.633,959.68
51 Algonquin Power20.471,053.92
141 Xaw ETFAverage cost 27.763,915.38

In total, we deposited $ 24,770.09 in our Canadian accounts in 2020. The only purchase of all of these that is lower now would be the first purchase of smart centers, but if we average them all we are on the rise. Certainly satisfied with these purchases and planning to add more Algonquin in 2021.

If we add these US stocks, we have invested $ 44,022.97. Of course, we have to take away the $ 5,470.05 worth of shares that we sold and switched to other stocks.

In total, we invested USD 38,552.92 in 2020. For me this is absolutely crazy. I know I always take our money from the account, but that was a shock. On average, we invest over 3,000 per month. This year, too, our incomes were lower and in the summer we took more time to camp.

2020 drops

It’s great to see how much new capital we’ve invested, but one of my favorite things to do when investing in dividends is doing the dividend reinvestment program. I’m a big fan as we don’t need the money right now. I want to use the money for us again immediately.

Share nameNumber of dropsValue January 19, 2021
Bank of Nova Scotia4th283.04
Bell Canada4th221.08
Td bank4th299.92
Brands International restaurant178.68
Smart Center9215.82
Algonquin Power8th171.76
General Mills4th222.68
Canadian utilities8th258.72
Brookfield renewable4th238.28
Brookfield Property Partners30th656.7
Total –4,437.00

In 2020, all of these drops increased dividend income by $ 249.49. When you factor all of these purchases into our total invested capital in 2020, we have estimated a total of $ 42,989.92. That’s crazy too! It’s great to see and super inspiring. The plan is working, I even know that I am currently not. Zing! – Arg home schooling….


By the end of 2020, we’ve increased our forward dividends by $ 1,194.83 through new capital, drops, and dividend increases. 2020 was a terrible year on so many fronts, but since we couldn’t do as much as normal, we saved a lot more. It’s a great feeling, but I really want to go back to the zoo or Canada’s wonderland, etc. Bring on 2021!

2021 financial goals

Dividend target – At the beginning of 2021, we had dividend income of $ 6,981.41. This is exactly in the middle where I projected our income on our investment after dividend growth – looking 30 years into the future. I’m very excited about this, and our goal in 2021 is to hit the top of that 8% dividend growth forecast for 2021. Dividend income of $ 8,661.60 through year end. That would be an increase of $ 1,680.19.

It’s a big goal for sure, but I hope that as the portfolio is bigger the impact of the dividend hikes and drops will be bigger. Even as the second half of the year begins to recover from Covid, these banks may also get away with increases. I also hope for no dividend cuts in 2021, they hurt us in 2020.

purchases – I plan to further expand our existing positions this year. There is a little more emphasis on dividend growth rates and a little less on initial yields. As I’ve noted in some of my previous posts, it’s the high-yield company that generally makes the cuts. I have to strive for a good balance. Wide moat stocks are a big plus too. Some companies in which I would really like to build up / expand our holdings are

  • Algonquin Power
  • CNR (looking for a bath!)
  • Diet Couche-Tard
  • Microsoft
  • JNJ
  • 3M
  • TC Energy
  • Waste connections
  • Lockheed Martin or General Dynamics


Well, that’s a recap of our portfolio moves in 2020 and our goal of getting things up in 2021. It’s been a great year and like I said we were both shocked to see how much we actually invested last year. By writing such posts and even the monthly updates, we get an even clearer picture of how things are going. I suggest that you keep track of your own progress. It worked wonders for us.

Now I want to end this by saying that we are very lucky to be where we are. I think I started learning about finance 8 years ago after getting tired of working so hard and not seeing any money in our bank accounts.

2020 has been a tough year for so many people and many people have little to no money in their accounts. I hope reading the posts here and other bloggers will inspire, motivate you, gain ideas, and generally improve your financial literacy. I’m not posting to brag or anything. Reading other financial blogs a while ago changed our lives. You have demonstrated how easy it is to make passive income and once you start making passive income you will be amazed. I honestly didn’t know much about finance until I saw people making money from dividend stocks!

I would also like to thank you all, the readers! In this respect too, 2020 was a great year. Welcome to all new followers on the social media platforms and email subscriptions. When I see the followers and comments that have been added, I am really inspired and engaged. I want to learn more, do better and share what I am learning with all of you.

Have a fantastic 2021, I wish you all the best. Stay healthy, stay hungry and most importantly, get out there and live this life. We only have one!


What were your results for 2020? Have you ever sat down and wrote everything down? What is your goal for 2021 and which stocks do you want to target?


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