Support consultants in harnessing the power of leadership


    These were the challenges that Rick Bauman, founder of the Intellectual Capital Coaching Corporation (iC3), saw in his own clients. After 20 years building a successful insurance brokerage and group services company in Hamilton, Ontario, Bauman founded iC3 in 1997 to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs in the financial services industry to help them build great businesses and achieve exceptional results.

    “Given the COVID situation and the extraordinary stress our customers were experiencing and how incredibly well they turned and responded to it, we wanted to do something to thank them and acknowledge their efforts,” Bauman told Wealth Professional.

    While iC3’s work initially focused on insurance brokers, it recently made a decision to increase its visibility among wealth management advisors. In both segments, he saw brilliant examples of companies that have coped with economic and COVID pressures tremendously well – and a common thread that holds them all together.

    “We have found that our successful customers excel through their effective leadership,” said Bauman. “Last autumn we had the idea of ​​creating a seminar as a gift for our existing customers. That led to the creation of ‘The Power of a Single Brick’, which we introduced to them – and they loved it. “

    After being positively received, Bauman and his team realized that what they created could be of benefit to a wider group of people. While many virtual webinars nowadays are only thinly veiled sales talks or recorded presentations, “The Power of a Single Brick” is supported in a structured way by an effective presenter. Videos will play at multiple points during the presentation, followed by targeted questions and breakout sessions to create a highly interactive experience.


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