Surprise! I am 15 weeks pregnant!


    We kept a secret for 11 weeks – I’m 15 weeks pregnant !!!!

    Yes, this news was possibly even more shocking than when we learned that I was pregnant with Kierstyn after 10 years of infertility! In fact, we were so surprised that we waited a whole week to tell our kids – what if you know Jesse and me well, know we can’t keep secrets from our kids!

    We found out I was pregnant right after saying yes to adopting Baby D … who we thought would go to our family’s galley! But God definitely had other plans and we just laughed at the timing!

    We must also be amazed how we moved from grief over the loss that we could never have more children a few years ago (not even through IVF) to prepare for 3 small children, the oldest of which is just 2 years old is years old! Oh and with 40 and 41 years! Only God!

    We are all thrilled and excited about this very unexpected news and how God is writing a story here that is so different than we could ever have dreamed or imagined!

    I am slowly coming back to life after 9 weeks or so of the usual morning, noon and night sickness and extreme exhaustion. If you’ve noticed that I haven’t shared that much here and haven’t shared a lot of food / cooking / recipes or videos with my face on Instagram stories, now you know why!

    For all the details on how we found out, how we told our kids, and more, listen to today’s podcast episode below (the link is below).

    Would you like more information about my pregnancy? I am sharing more today and answering your questions on Instagram.

    Note: I know this message will be very difficult to hear for some of you. You’d give anything to be pregnant and hearing another pregnancy announcement feels like a blow to the heart. I want you to know that I care deeply and that I have prayed especially for you. I also want you to know that you have my full permission to stop following or mute my social media accounts for a while – whatever you need to do, please do and know me I will fully support you in this.

    In this episode

    [00:34] – Welcome to another episode of the Crystal Paine Show.

    [01:28] – Our journey to infertility.

    [05:06] – The surprise of saying yes to baby D’s adoption.

    [06:54] – After we said yes to Baby D, we felt finished and complete.

    [09:27] – My reaction to the pregnancy test results.

    [12:00] – Jesse explains how we shared the news with the kids.

    [15:50] – We haven’t really told any of our other close friends or family for a while. Here’s why …

    [20:40] – My heart has been heavy for those who have suffered infertility and loss.

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