Sweet Deal: Get paid to eat vegan sweets


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If indulging in gelatin-free nostalgia is your favorite pastime then prepare for it because we have the cutest offering you have ever seen.

Pick & Mix London is looking for 3 official vegan candy tasters to rate the best vegan Pick & Mix. Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you want to make extra money? This could be the perfect job for you.

Co-Founder George Edwards commented, “Our vegan candy category has seen sales growth of 350% since last September. After we noticed that the search for “vegan pick and mix” had increased by 185% in the last 12 months, we decided that it was important for us to focus even more on the quality of our vegan offer. «

Pick & Mix London needs your help to keep delivering high quality, delicious vegan sweets.

What’s on offer?

Pick & Mix London sweet selection

Well, it’s not a full-time position so we wouldn’t recommend quitting your day job. But if you can tell your carbonated Coke bottles apart from your dummies, you’re probably on a winner. If you are passionate about vegans and can spend the time writing thoughtful and constructive reviews of their candies, then they will want to hear from you!

How does it work?

If you’ve been selected as an Official Vegan Sweeter, Pick & Mix London will give you a free £ 40 vegan Pick & Mix package. In return for your verification efforts, you will receive an additional £ 50. You can expect all kinds of candy, from love hearts to flying saucers to bon bons. Everything delivered right to your door! What is not to like?

Is that the job for me?

Co-founder George Edwards has said he is after someone who is passionate about vegan goodies. It is also a good sign if the candidate loves a movie night or a similar night out. Pick & Mix London is keen to build on the vegan treat experience and would love it if tasters include this in their reviews.

How do I apply?

Applications are possible from now until April 30th! Apply here directly on the Pick & Mix London website. Just fill out a quick 8-question survey and let Pick & Mix London know what makes you the perfect sweet taster!

With a record half a million Britons who signed up for Veganuary earlier this year, a high number of applicants are expected. Only those who did the interview will hear from Pick & Mix London.

Apply now to be an official vegan sweeter!

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