Thursday, May 13, 2021

    Swell Investing Review 2021: Invest smarter with Swell


    Even if Swell Investing has shut down, you can keep reading our Swell Investing review to see what they were on offer before.

    About Swell Investing:

    • Invest in fast growing companies that are changing the world.
    • High growth potential and easy entry.
    • Invest and make an impact with as little as $ 50.
    • Choose your portfolio mix: clean water, green technologies, renewable energies, zero waste, disease eradication and healthy living.

    Swell Investing Review

    Have you ever thought about where the money you invest goes and what it supports? Have you considered making an investment not just for profit but want to see this as an opportunity to make positive impact through socially responsible investment practices?

    If you answered yes to the above questions, you may want to learn more about swell investing. Basically, the company’s goal is to invest your money in high impact companies that are committed to making the world a better place and supporting environmental efforts for sustainability.

    Read on to find out what makes Swell Investing different from other robo-investment advisors in this Swell Investing Review. Then you can judge whether this is the right robo-advisor for you.

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    About swell investing

    Founded in 2016, Swell is an investment company based in Los Angeles. She is supported by Pacific Life, a company with 150 years of financial services experience.

    As an impact investing platform, Swell offers an investment option for investors who want to participate in SRI or Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing. It supports companies focused on clean water, disease eradication, healthy living, green technologies, renewable energies and zero-waste causes.

    Swell gives investors a unique way to choose which portfolios to invest their resources in and how much to allocate for each portfolio. Swell is best for hands-off investors and those who have less money to invest. It offers a beginner investment opportunity with a minimum investment of $ 50.

    How does swell investing work?

    Swell Investing Review

    Swell acts as your investment advisor. Here you can choose from available portfolios that are managed by the platform. To be a qualified swell investor, you must be at least 18 years old and be a US citizen or resident.

    You will need to enter relevant information when you sign up. Then select your preferred portfolios and connect your bank account (current account or savings account). If you’re a swell investor, you’re more likely to own individual stocks than ETFs or mutual funds. You don’t pay annual expense quotas, but you do have to pay an annual fee equal to 0.75% of your investment balance.

    Swell investment fees

    Swell investment fees are flat, fair and inclusive. You pay 0.75% annually on your credit.

    Swell requires a minimum initial account balance of $ 50. They will not penalize you if market performance causes your account to drop below $ 50. However, if you choose to withdraw an amount where your account is below the minimum, you will be prompted to either skip the withdrawal or to close your account instead.

    If you only enter your first $ 50, your annual fees will be approximately $ 0.37 ($ 50 x $ 0.0075 = $ 0.37).

    The pros and cons of swell investing

    Below is a list of the pros and cons of swell investing that should be considered.

    The benefits of swell investing

    1. Ideal if you want to participate in socially responsible investing
    2. Low initial deposit that is attractive for beginners and small investors
    3. No burdens from trading fees and trading commissions
    4. Ease of use and algorithms based on impact and performance

    The disadvantages of swell investing

    1. Compared to other robo advisors platforms, Swell’s 0.75% annual management fee is relatively expensive
    2. Swell is not supported by the Tax Loss Harvesting feature
    3. Deficiency or portfolio diversity

    Swell Investing Summary

    If your goal is to invest for a reason and you don’t have huge mutual funds available, swell investing may be one of the best options for you. However, if you want to invest in a more diversified portfolio, Swell may not work well for you.

    Invest in high-growth companies that solve global challenges.

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