Switch your standard Visa credit card on Amazon now and get up to £ 20 back


    If your Visa credit card is your default payment method on Amazon, you can choose to pay with Amazon

    On the back of the message that Amazon will stop accepting Visa credit cards issued in the UK in January 2022, Martin explains how this can allow you to claim up to £ 20.

    Last night The Martin Lewis Money Show live, He said, “If Visa balance is your default payment method right now, there is a way to get Amazon to pay you.

    “[Amazon] get £ 10 or £ 20 if you are a Prime member. If you click the email link you received with it or the homepage banner and switch to a Visa debit, Amex, Mastercard credit or debit card, you will receive that money. “

    Martin recommends that most affected people switch to a debit card

    Martin said, “The least onerous way for most would be to switch to your bank’s debit card and only use one credit card if you don’t take out credit to pay for your purchases.”

    If you choose to use a different credit card as your primary Amazon payment method, always remember that you can afford to pay your bill in full.

    However, if you are thinking of switching credit cards, there are plenty of reward cards out there

    Martin stated that Amex’s toll-free credit card, Platinum Cashback, tops the charts, offering customers up to 5% cashback for the first three months of ownership. You can check your authorization for the Platinum Cashback card with our authorization calculator.

    The best Reward Mastercard on offer right now is Amazon’s Platinum Card which offers customers £ 40 upon acceptance. M&S Bank, Sainsbury’s Bank, John Lewis and Tesco also have their own rewards credit cards which may be better suited to your shopping habits.

    For a full breakdown of all Reward Credit Cards, see our guide to the Best Reward Cards. And if you’re looking to earn airline miles with your purchases, check out our guide to airline credit cards.

    If you regularly use Amazon for shopping, it is also worth reading our Amazon Buying Tricks Guide.


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