Symbio Energy raved about “threatening” reactions to negative reviews


    I have problems with Symbio Energy – what can I do?

    While Symbio Energy is one of the cheapest electricity suppliers with typical usage, if you are unhappy you can always switch suppliers. You may pay a little more, but it could be worth it if customer service is important to you – check out our Cheap Energy Club for a full market comparison. Remember to include any redemption fees in your comparison when entering into a solid deal. If you switch, you will continue to be paid out any credit Symbio Energy owes, and if you owe the company you will still have to pay any outstanding balance.

    Under Ofgem’s license terms – specifically, Condition 21B of the power supply license, which all suppliers must comply with – Symbio must “take all reasonable steps to reflect the meter reading on the next invoice or statement to be sent to customers”.

    If you do not think this is being followed, or if you are generally dissatisfied with the service you are getting from Symbio, you can complain as follows:

    • First contact the supplier. First and foremost, it is always best to contact them to see if the problem can be resolved before going down the official complaint route. You can contact Symbio on 0333 050 9372 or by email.
    • Then make an official complaint. If you don’t get a response or don’t think your problem has been properly handled by the company, you can file a formal complaint directly with the supplier or use the free resolver tool to manage your complaint.
    • Finally, you complain to the ombudsman. If you are unsatisfied with the solution or have not heard anything for eight weeks, you can refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman, an independent body that handles disputes between consumers and energy companies.

    What does Symbio Energy say?

    A Symbio Energy spokesperson initially told us it was company policy not to respond to Trustpilot reviews. But after we challenged this, it went back and said that the links it contained in its replies “are intended to remind parties that if they want to leave a comment, it will be true and pass a judicial test of accuracy got to”.

    It was alleged to have been the victim of “corporate cyberbullying” and many of the reviews were not from real customers, which Trustpilot has reported.

    A Symbio spokesperson said: “The number of calls we receive when customers try to take advantage of bills, discounts and payables by threatening bad reviews or complaints [sic]. There is a published complaint route for [complaints, such as] the ombudsman, litigation and [energy regulator] Ofgem. In our opinion, cyber trolling is not a socially acceptable way. ”

    Regarding his service issues, a spokesman said, “We have a back office in Goa, India, and due to the pandemic issues in India, there have been operational issues related to curfews and lockdowns.

    “We are currently running an extensive recruiting program to increase our staffing rates as well. However, I suspect that customers with outstanding debts and ongoing litigation, as is their right, will try to complain as there is no forum to disapprove to clear out. “

    Regarding the estimated billing issues, one of the most common complaints over the past few months, Symbio says it is a “pre-billing system” where we will bill you a month in advance based on your estimated annual consumption. After receiving your meter reading at the end of each month, we will reconcile the invoice with the meter reading submitted. “

    What does Ofgem say?

    An Ofgem spokesperson said, “We routinely work with suppliers to ensure compliance with their regulatory obligations, but we usually do not comment on the specifics of such engagement.”


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